Yum Smoothies - Supporting MIND Mental Health UK

Yum Smoothies - Supporting MIND Mental Health UK

Raising money for Mind UK by selling smoothies commercially to repay them for saving many peoples lives from suicide, including mine.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a little long winded but please stay tuned, it's worth a read - also, excuse any spelling mistakes!

I’m not doing this to be famous, nor wealthy or even popular and for that reason I am staying anonymous. I really don’t know how to start. I guess I would normally introduce myself but that would go against my first sentence.

 Anyway, here it goes. Ever since primary school I have been a little different. I was never interested in football or skate parks which unfortunately left me with a little bit of a short ‘friends’ list. I tried hard to fit in, but it was never going to happen. I was told that in secondary school everything will be different, so I carried on thinking all would change. Long story short – it didn’t.

 When I reached year 7, my first year at ‘big school’, I found myself in a similar situation where I couldn’t really find anyone to socialise with. Unfortunately, this carried on and I started to get very anxious as people would stare at me as I walked past, simply because I was on my own. I started to think there was something wrong with my appearance. Spots? My hair? My uniform? I started to get so anxious I would sit in the toilet cubicle during break and lunch times to hide away. Eventually, after about a year of failing to find any friends that stuck around for longer than a few days or that weren’t too embarrassed to be seen with me, I started to become depressed and uncontrollably harmed myself through anger. I was given some time off school and had a mental health assessment. During my time off, I decided I would do something productive and so I started making a small internet radio station. I found a passion for entertainment and later started a small business doing mobile discos. I later returned to school and carried on with my education.

 A few years passed, the business I had started had stalled all of the negative situations I had previously been in and my anxiety subsided. I had found something that I loved doing. Business. It’s not the money or the authority that interests me the most but the processes of how businesses work that thrills me. By the time I hit the final year of secondary education, I had six employees, an Under 18s Nightclub and a regular slot presenting a breakfast radio show. Running all of this was busy, stressful and I absolutely loved it.

 When I got to year 11, my final year, it sprung upon me that I had exams coming up and with the business growing faster than ever, my family decided that I was to stop it all until after my exams. All of my contracts were passed on and future bookings cancelled, which really annoyed me but I understood that they were doing it for my own good.

 After a few weeks I started to realise that all of my friends for the 4 years of running a business had been the people I had employed. It seemed to be like the people who I counted as friends were only there because I paid them. I was pretty much back at square 1. I had been known for my business and being on the radio and all of a sudden that identity was gone.

 Unfortunately, within just a few weeks I started to become very depressed and my anxiety had become uncontrollable. After a while of suffering, I attempted to take my own life. I was found by the police whilst sat on a cliff edge. I was taken to A&E in an ambulance and admitted to hospital, pretty much on suicide watch.

 When I was discharged, I was prescribed with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which re-trains your mind without the anxiety and depression. This therapy is proven to be very effective but it does take time. Three weeks after being discharged I attempted suicide once again. In pure desperation, I turned to the Mind charity helpline which I can honestly say, saved my life.

 I am currently being treated with the CBT, and am in a much better mental state. I am confident that I will not return to the state I have previously been in.

 After thinking about how I can do my bit to repay the Mind charity. I have decided to use my business knowledge to launch a new business that produces smoothies and drinks and 100% of the profits will be donated to Mind UK. I have recently met a gentleman with experience in the industry who is volunteering his time to help kick-start the enterprise.

 In the future I hope we make enough profits that we can regularly donate to a number of charities across the UK helping children and adults with mental health issues.

 We are raising funds to help with our start-up costs and whatever amount is left after we have launched will be donated directly to Mind UK.

 Every person who pledges £20.00 or more will be eligible to receive 2 free bottles of selected smoothies, delivered by post once we have launched.

 Personally, I would like to thank every single person who donates to our cause, or have donated to any mental health charity in the past. With a financially struggling National Health Service, mental health services are suffering and charities like Mind help to save lives, just like they saved mine.