Ystrad reptiles CYF

by Paul stringer in Ystrad Mynach, Wales, United Kingdom

Ystrad reptiles CYF
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Aim is to rase enough money so that we can begin trading as soon as possible. But we need your help to get us to the stage of opening

by Paul stringer in Ystrad Mynach, Wales, United Kingdom


We are a 4 person team at the moment, we have 

Paul - reptile handler, I have a passion for large snakes, I have a particular love of boa constrictors and reticulated pythons which I own, and I'm happy to admit they are my scale baby's. I have worked in many different industries currently in socal care with Young people, but I want to settle doing somthing I'm passionate about. Part of this passion is with getting people to learn about reptiles and handle them in store. 

Krystie - reptile handler and small animal handler - krystie has a real passion for small animals, both of the scally types and the fur type too, she is a lizard lover and has three of them, she enjoys getting people up close with them so they can learn about the wonders of the lizarding world. Krystie is from an admin background. 

Clare - small snake and lizard handler - Clare has had many reptiles in her life the latest being Kingsley the corn snake, Clare loves all animals and has several furbaby cats and fish at home, she has a real knowledge of reptiles and fish and wants to help people who are looking for these animals as pets. Like Paul Clare currently works in socal care but is looking to bring her passion to Ystrad reptiles. 

Derry - aquatics specialist and reptile handler - Derry has had lots of reptiles in his life and has many years handling experience, he has had everything from small snakes to large lizards. Derrys passion is in aquatics and he is heading up our aquatics area, he has lots of fresh water fish at home including small sharks and large frogs (big enough to take a finger or two). Derry has worked in many industries and is currently a driver which he loves. (ask him about cars too he is a massive petrol head). 


So this is the team, so why are we here? The sort answer is that WE need YOUR help to get the doors open and make our passion a reality. 

For us to be able to hold reptile handling days, match people to their new scale babies as well as to serve the community of Ystrad in pet supplies we need to get funding. As we are a new venture this is difficult for us. So we are asking for people to give, to help ystradreptilescyf.co.uk and Ystrad reptiles a real community place as well as a business. 

Thank you for reading our message 

The Ystrad Reptiles Team 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Anyone who gives £20 will receive a £20 discount on their first order or purchase instore or online as our way of saying thank you. This will last for 1 year from opening.

£50 or more

£ 50Reward

For people who have pledged £50 you will receive £50 of your first perchase instore or online as our way of saying thank you for your support. This will last from one year of opening

£250 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£250 Reward

For anyone who pledges this amount, firstly we thank you, for this level you will get a free 3X2X2 vivarium for your new reptile. Plus an additional 20% off your first perchase. Valid for 1 year from opening.

£500 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£ 500 Reward

For anyone who pledges BIG we will give you a free 3x2x2 foot vivarium, plus 50% off your first perchase, and an additional 20% of your next purchase instore. Valid for 1 year after opening.

£1,000 or more

0 of 7 claimed

£1000 Reward

For those who pledge the largest donation, we will give you your choice on a free vivarium upto 5x2x2 vivarium plus a free corn snake or ball python or lizard to that size vivarium ( as after this it would be custome builds only) 50% off your first 3 purchases instore.

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