Youth Interpreters: Change in communities

Youth Interpreters: Change in communities

We want to empower 15 young people (17-25) who speak a 2nd langauge to gain an NVQ in community interpretation.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our aim is to give 15 young people, ages 17-25, the opportunity to gain an NVG in community interpretation so they can give back to their communities and positively develop as young people. These young people come from the 1-5% most deprived communitues in Scotland and have a lack of positive pathways for personal development, eduactional opportunities and vocational experiences.  They do however, have motivation and passion to be successful in life and will not allow their postcodes to determine their future. 

They wish to give back to their communities by supporting refugees, aslyum seekers and migrants that come to Glasgow. The young people speak Somali, French, Congolese Dialects, Polish, Arabic and Kurdish. The young people wish to use their language skills to interpret for others who struggle to receive the interpretation support they need for integration, housing, welfare and volunteering. 

These young people have been in similar situations themselves arriving to Glasgow as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and now are active citizens contributing to their new lives, homes and futures.  They take part in our community activities 5 nights a week and support younger children to take part. Breaking the stereotypes put upon them from others in society today. 

The money we are trying to raise will go towards the costs of 15 NVQ's (

This means these young people can begin deliverying this service within the community, public and voluntary sector in Glasgow by marketing their service as an alternative in the interpretation market.

Their service will be unique in that it will be the only youth-led interpretation service in Scotland and will be a service that tackles stereotypes and discrimintation put upon migrants in Scotland as well as providing a cheaper and a socially aware service that is currently being expolited by private and public contracts. 

This project is the bigger picture for these young people and we are currently providing workshops and trainings on social enterprise, so that they can lead this enterprise and make it their own dream that comes true.