Youth Shedz

The aim of Youth Shedz is to provide a safe space for young people, a place where they can be inspired, be creative and develop new skills.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

4:28 Training ( has been working with remarkable group of young people who live in a supported housing project in Denbigh, North Wales. When we started working with the group we had no guidelines or outcomes to achieve - the brief was simple; engage with the youngsters, develop their skills and see where it goes. So, we sat down with the group and listened to what they felt was needed. Over weeks of listening, discussing,  and eating pizza - the Denbigh Youth Shed (Youth Shedz) was born. The group felt that it would be great to have a place where they could hang out with each other whilst doing something productive. Over the next weeks the ideas started to flow and the possibilities are endless - we approached Grwp Cynefin who initially commisioned 4:28 to work with the youngsters and they warmed to the idea immediately and made a space available - a garage attached to the Hwb in Denbigh where the youngsters live.

So, we have a space, and we have ideas of what to do with the space - develop a workshop, with equipment for woodwork, jewellery making, bicycle repair - in a nutshell, a space to provide opportunities to develop essential skills such as digital literacy, communication, numeracy, employability and interpersonal skills - the list is endless. What we need now are the funds to make it happen - to pay for the equipment, tools, resources, a couple of computers, decorating and maybe even a cheeky sound system to inspire the guys as they work!

What has really been driving the group is their desire to see change in their community - the video is a bit of fun, and it in no way reflects the reality of these guys lives;  they do not hang around on street corners acting like gangsters. But what it does reflect is the fact that lots of young people do need a place to go, they do need to spend time with role models, they do have a need to develop interpersonal skills, explore hobbies and interests and they all need a safe place where they can be heard - as Kiera said in the video - "a place where they can just be themselves".

We really believe that the Denbigh Youth Shed is just the beginning - the interest we have had on social media has been phenomenal, with one woman commenting, "There should be one in every town!" - and she is right, every town needs a Youth Shed - and if we get our way - every town will have one. But first we need a pilot, we need to start somewhere and that somewhere is with Kiera, Owen, Alisha, Aisha, Roman and Chloe at Yr Hwb in Denbigh. Please, please, join me in supporting these inspirational young people realise their dream.


Scott Jenkinson

Trainer/Mentor - 428 Training