Youth For Freedom

by Benedict Osborne in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Youth For Freedom


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To encourage young people across Britain to take an active part in the freedom movement, unite & give moral support to those in need.

by Benedict Osborne in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Summary of Our Mission

We're a group of young adults (mostly 18 - 30s) who are seeking funding to unite young people in the freedom movement. We believe this could profoundly hinder the Government's current track towards totalitarianism. 

Our Aims:

- To facilitate the formation of independent, local social networks nationally and internationally, to bring young people together in our common values (listed below). In so doing, we hope these networks will form the basis for the free society of the future. These groups will be decentralised, without leaders & are instead built "bottom up" by individuals offering their initiative to a group. We already have 6 groups across the country and 1 in Norway.  

- To raise awareness amongst young people of the growing totalitarianism within Government policies, the impact of them and how they can stop their future’s being ruined by the Government. The ‘how’ will involve arranging talks or workshops on common law, self-sufficiency or similar, relevant themes. This will enable us to fulfil the below aim.

- To give young people the knowledge to exercise their inalienable rights.

- To welcome isolated young people into a caring community. We are particularly concerned with discrimination or bullying of young people who choose not to take the Covid-19 injection. We believe it is an unalienable right to choose, without coercion and with full accurate medical information, whether or not to take the injection. Our local group meetings, social networking & reach out activities will help give young people the courage to stand up for their alienable rights.

- To secure local business relationships, so that non-injected people have access to food, drink and so forth. Then to collate a list, to be made available to all. This will involve labour costs. 

- To market our group. This will involved leafleting & website costs. This will enable us to reach young people and build on our almost 200 strong member base on Telegram.

- Ultimately, along with the wider freedom movement we want to act now to secure our futures from totalitarianism. Let's stop history repeating itself, before it's too late.

Our Values:

- Oppose harmful Gov lockdowns, injections & medical mandates. Instead, we exercise independent, fact-based thinking to promote holistic health & wellbeing. 

- Stand for every human being's inalienable rights. Let history teach us there is no excuse for authoritarian rule over these.

The need for funding: 

Any kind donations will be used to fund individuals at £9 per hour for anything exceeding voluntary time (>5 hours a week). Donations will be cared for by multiple members of YFF to ensure funds are used for the above aims.


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