Youth Club at Docklands Sailing Centre

Youth Club at Docklands Sailing Centre

To increase capacity for Sunday Youth Club so that more children in East London can attend and benefit from watersports.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have been running our Sunday Youth Club sessions for 12 years. Youth Club costs £4 a session, or if you're a member, it's free! Membership costs just £30 for an entire year.

We are able to offer this huge discount because the Docklands Sailing Centre Trust pays for the majority of the cost. The trust is committed to making sure that children in the local community have access to watersports. For children from severely disadvantaged background, we offer Youth Club membership for free.

Children from around the area have benefitted immensely from taking part in these weekly Youth Club sessions. They learn how to sail or kayak, build their watersports skills, and not to mention develop personal and social skills. It’s an opportunity for them to make friends, keep healthy and active. Some of them even go on to race and particpate at different events around the country. Others go on to train as instructors and experience their first job at the centre.

Sailing and kayaking are not cheap sports, but because of their potential to develop an individual, we are passionate about it and we want more children to have access to this opportunity. 

To maintain the quality of instruction, we make sure there are only eight children to one instructor in each group. That’s why we always need more instructors, so we can give more children the chance to be a member of Youth Club. It's disheartening when we don't have space on Youth Club due to a a lack of instructors on Youth Club sessions.

We hope you can help us give more kids a chance to take part in watersports and be a member of the Youth Club so they can reach their full potential! Please help and give to this campaign.