To raise money to launch YourPhotoMag in the UK. Making the creation of photo books faster and cheaper through a PC and App.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are taking more pictures than ever with 90% of UK residents taking their first picture using a smart device. Mobile technology has made all of us professional photographers with 65% of us wanting to reproduce those pictures in printed books. From music events , holidays, weddings through to a first day at school, never before has there been such an opportunity to create meaningful memories through a photo book.

YourPhotoMag removes the two main barriers that deter people from creating regular physical copies of their memories - cost and time. With the YourPhotoMag App and PC platform a photo book can be created in just 10 minutes and be personalised in many ways. The result is a high quality digitally printed A4 book at a fraction of the normal cost.

With a single book costing just £9.95 and additional discounts for purchasing credits, it is 80% cheaper than Lidl for a similar product.

Memories Into Print

YourPhotoMag is designed to take photo books out of the gifting market and give customers a way to create physical and tangible memories more frequently and at a low cost. As we move away from the traditional photo album we all have 1000's of photos residing on devices and the cloud that may never get looked at again. YourPhotoMag provides the answer, from creating a single book or multiple copies for friends and relatives, it has never been so fast and cheap.


As well as offering the product directly to customers we will be forging relationships with brands and charities to produce products such as event programmes that will be be a blend of a traditional event programme and the photo book. Event visitors will have a new choice to the standard generic programme - now they can purchase one that combines the generic along with their own images of the event. From music to motorsport events, memories become more powerful through print.


The strategy of YourPhotoMag is to keep the cost as low as possible for the customer. This will be acheived through targeted partnering and advertising to audiences we know will be more likely to purchase. We have a campaign ready to run with a leading parenting website that has a total reach of over 4.5million across multiple channels - the demographic fit is perfect for YourPhotoMag and should generate the initial sales required to really give it the boost it needs.

We have had much interest from a number of brands to launch the product, including the largest music provider in the UK as well as newspapers and wedding online/magazine publishers - the potential market is vast and so far unrealised for this type of product.

Never has there been a better time to enter the photo book market - and YourPhotoMag is a truly unique product.