Your Death, Your Choice

We believe that your life is your own. With this comes the right to choose how, and when, to die. Join us in changing the law.

We did it!

On 3rd May 2016 we successfully raised £2,870 with 50 supporters in 56 days

Who we are

We are two families whose lives have been affected by the UK ban on assisted dying. You can read our stories at this website:

J: In the very first few days after I received my diagnosis, knowing that the illness was terminal, I told my husband that I wanted to have a dignified death when I could no longer bear things. I know that the disease is incurable and during its evolution it brings unbearable suffering and physical degradation which is not something that I wish to live through.

Elaine: I believe very strongly that no family should be faced with the situation that we had to face of arranging to have a death in a foreign country. 

What we are doing

Our mission is to challenge the ban on assisted dying in the UK, through litigation in the High Court. We wish to bring about a change in the law for people with terminal illness or incurable illnesses.  That is the main purpose of this CrowdFunder. If you would like more information about the law on assisted dying, read views of our supporters and see how you can help us please visit our website at

What we are asking for 

We need funding to bring a legal challenge to the ban on assisted dying through the courts. We are just two representative families. There are many others in the same situation as us.  We are doing it for everyone who believes in the right to autonomy over death.  We believe there is a public interest in this legal action going forward.

How much we need

We have instructed Bindmans LLP to advise and represent us in relation to this challenge. We need £50,000 to cover the initial, pre-litigation costs of the case. Our solicitors need to take witness statements, speak to experts and prepare a  letter to the government which sets out the factual and legal basis of the claim. Once they receive a response, they will need to consider it, gather evidence, conduct further legal research - that is, all of the steps up to the claim being issued. If we can get our case that far, we will need to speak to our solicitors to review the case as well as costs costs in order to carry on.

What you can do:

  • You can help by donating money;
  • Spread the word by forwarding the crowdfunding page to your contacts;
  • Send us your personal story, or a message of support, so that it can be uploaded to our website with a photo if you wish.

About this CrowdFunder

We have instructed solicitors at Bindmans LLP to advise and represent us in our challenge against the ban on assisted dying in the UK. You can find out more about the firm we have instructed at their website.

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