Top 10 video tips

Check out our top 10 tips to making a great Crowdfunder pitch video.

And action . . .


Keep it short and sweet

Aim to make your video last about two minutes. People get bored if it’s much longer than this and you’ll be surprised how much information you can get across in that time.

Get hold of a camera, laptop, phone. . .

Obviously the higher quality the equipment, the better. But some of the best videos are those with a homemade feel – it really is the content that counts, so don’t be afraid to use what you’ve already got.

Find someone to help you

Find someone to help you

If you know someone who has a knack for making videos, it never hurts to ask. Offer them something in return and they could help expand your project’s audience as well as making a professional looking video.

Write a script

Write a script

It pays to be prepared and will make the whole process much faster if you've got something to follow. Get started with our video script template.

Get in front of the camera

Get in front of the camera

Faces are powerful and help your backers connect with your project on a personal level, so don't be shy.


Show people the benefits of your idea

Explain your rewards and tell people about any conditions of shipping, when they can expect to receive the rewards and what discounts pledgers might be get. If at all possible make your rewards exclusive to Crowdfunder - this makes them feel more special and desirable.



This could be as simple as you discussing or showing an example of the reward.



You can get royalty free audio files here which may help to make your video a bit more interesting.


Video editing software

Macs and PCs both have their own easy-to-use film editing software, iMovie for Mac and Windows Movie Maker for PC. There are lots of online tutorials for both programs if you get stuck.


Upload your video

Well done! Now you have your video it's time to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, remember to grab the video's URL.

Want some examples? We have a number of example videos here.