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to raise £11,000 for an MBA degree

by Dr Lebur Rohman in Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom


We are all aware to some extent that our beloved NHS is in trouble. To what extent we understand this depends on our individual interest, insight and roles. However engaged or disengaged you maybe with the current state of the National health service, you still require a National Health Service to be effective, productive and sustainable.

Those working within the NHS are acutely aware of the service demands, the vast waste and declining staff moral/numbers. A few years ago there was concern at the government level of the amount of research that was being translated into clinical practice and a drive for all specialities to increasingly justify care via evidenced based medicine. This led to the development of integrating clinical training with research training for those that wanted to combine the two which is now leading to more higher quality research and more evidence based practice throughout the UK.

I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon nearing the end of my clinical training. I have identified that on the research front the NHS has a bright and sustainable future. However, from a business point I am less certain that the NHS is sustainable. I want to complete a NHS MBA (Masters of Business Administration) to effectively help shape delivery of care and services when I become a Consultant in 2 years. Furthermore, I appreciate I alone cannot change the enormous organisation that is the NHS, and thus want to replicate the research model and create business savvy clinicians up and down the country, equipped to take the NHS into the future, championing patient care, safety, cost effectiveness, staff moral and sustainability.

To start me on my journey I need your help, please help me fund the NHS MBA, which will cost £20,000. Please donate as little or as much as you can. Please view the video I have created, and get in touch if you require further information:

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