Your mobile AI friend app!

Your mobile AI friend app!

The goal of this project is to make one of the world's first intelligent, commercially available mobile apps.

We did it!

On 24th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £1,275 with 17 supporters in 24 days

What is the project about?


The goal of this project is to make one of the world's first intelligent programs that are commercially available in the form of a mobile application. The project will start once the money has been gathered, which is expected to happen sometime in the beginning of December. It will be designed throughout 2016, with the aim of creating the first prototype in the summer, and a stable version at December 2016.


The final application will represent an interactive companion and friend to the user. The user will say or type in messages to the application, which will read them, understand their meaning and respond accordingly. The application will have its personality, and will be liable to mood swings and its responds will depend on its current mood. It will, as any human does, like certain things and dislike others and will develop a friendly or a tenuous relationship with the user over time. It will also be able to learn new words and phrases, and develop an opinion on them based on its previous knowledge.



How will we know that the application is intelligent?


We will test it to see whether or not it acts as if it is. Such tests are called Turing tests. They involve a judge, a human being and the AI. The judge asks a series of questions and the human and the AI answer them, but the judge does not know which answer is whose. Instead, the judge needs to conclude this based on the answers. If the difference can't be told, the AI has passed the test.


Turing predicted that by 2000, there will be a 30% chance for a program to fool the judge for 5 minutes. We want the final version of the application to achieve this.


Where will the money go?


Part of the money will go towards my studies (see below), and part of it will go to the app developing expenses, which may include:

- Hiring the help of aditional people

- Research material for matters unrelated to Computer Science, e.g. books on psychology and linguistics

- Commercially available software that could make development faster


About me


My name is David Videnovic. I am a second-year Computer Science student at the University of Oxford. I am passionate about AI and making mobile apps. 


I come from Serbia, which means that I have to pay the overseas fees for studying at my university. Unfortunately, these fees have proved to be too high for my family to carry out on their own, and as a result the university is threatening to suspend me if I can't find means to pay my current debts. Part of the reason why I'm starting this project is to gather money for the contiuation of my studies. It is crucial for this project that I remain studying in Oxford - main reason for this being the vast experience people at the Department of Computer Science at Oxford have with AI.


If you are interested in some of my other work, please CLICK HERE to see two of my Lego Mindstorms projects, one made then I was 12 years old and one made last year.

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