Young Stars

Young Stars

To host a music entertainment event during the school holidays where children and families can attend and participate in.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Young Stars School Holiday Showcases is a music event where talented upcoming performers of all ages are provided with an opportunity to showcase their talent to an audience (primarily children, families, friends) where the audience are engaged and entertained in this fun and creative environment. Their may also be other activities built into the event.

Young Stars School Holiday Showcases are for children and their families during the School Holidays. This would run over a number of days depending on the level of interest received and would be available for children aged 5 to 17 to attend with their families and friends.

This would especially turn those long 6 weeks school summer holidays into something fun and creative for children and their families occupying and utilising this valuable time which can at times be very challenging for everyone as children can become bored plus parents may be at their wits end trying to occupy their childrens time. 

Young Stars School Holiday Showcases will aim towards taking kids of the street with time spent in a safe environment which is a state of the art venue located in West Bromwich.

Funds received would be spent on hiring the venue, advertising/marketing and entertainment costs ensuring a wonderful experience for all; plus securing this amazing venue for future events.

Young Star School Holiday Showcases are planned to take place during August and December 2017 so please help to make this happen. Any help you provide is very much appreaciated!