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We are a team of 2, aged 14, who are building rockets and their motors. We would like your support to further research and reach 10,000 m.

We did it!

On 12th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £87 with 7 supporters in 56 days

We are a team of 2 young scientists, aged 14,  building rockets and their motors. We are students of Reading Blue Coat School in Sonning-On-Thames, Oxforshire in the United Kingdom. We are aiming to extend our research and using the items below we would like to reach 10,000m with our rockets to be able to see the curvature of the earth. We would like your support and funding to further research and finally reach 10,000m.

This is what we would like to do with your funding:

1) Build a GPS tracking system to track the rocket and to find it when it lands as this is proving difficult without. The parts needed to make this including GPS modules, Transmitter and receivers and Bluetooth modules to allow a phone to connect to the GPS system; these together cost at present £45

2) To build a guidance system to guide the rockets back to the launch pad to allow us to retreive the rocket back easily. The parts needed to make this include servos to control the movement of the fins, transmitters and receivers to control the servos and a battery to power the system; this will cost £100

3) To build a camera system to attach to our rockets so we see it's launch and see the surface of the earth; this is estimated to cost £100.

3) To build a hybrid rocket motor for rockets which will give is the required amount of Newton's Thrust to reach 10,000 m. This includes nitros oxide cylinders or liquid oxygen as the oxidiser. We will also need a fuel to be oxidised, this may be using pariffins or solid polymers . This will cost £250 to get started.

This is our website with more information and more videos:

This is our most recent test:In this shot this motor had generated over 60N of thrust! That is an eqivalent amount of thrust to a G size Estes motor!

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