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Help the online newspaper entirely written for and run by young people continue for a third year with more emphasis placed on multimedia.

We did it!

On 8th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £485 of £150 target with 19 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Successfully reaching our initial target is just the beginning. The £150 we have raised purely covers the cost of keeping Young Perspective online for one more year (hosting and domain name renewal), further funds raised are vital because they will allow us to keep our custom email address through the next year. These email addresses are really important because they present a really professional front to the organisation. 

Project aim

Help the online newspaper entirely written for and run by young people continue for a third year with more emphasis placed on multimedia.

About the project

Young Perspective was started in July 2013 with the aim of giving young journalists the chance to work together in one organisation and create portfolios of their work. Many young people have written for Young Perspective over its first two years in business, with some only writing once or twice and others becoming regulars on the website. There are currently 11 regular contributors to the website, something which is open to anyone between the age of 15 and 25 interested in a career in journalism who can pen two articles per month. The regularity with which articles have been published on the website has increased since July 2013, with the aim now being to publish at least 5 articles every 7 days on the website. At the time this project was originally published, there were 250 articles published, ranging from match reports to exclusive interviews with celebrities and live text coverage of politics. Young Perspective has struck a chord with many across the internet, attracting over 70,000 unique visitors (with more than twice as many page views) since 2013, an impressive feat for a website not yet two years old.

The thing that sets Young Perspective apart from other operations online and in print is simple: the age of the staff. Everyone working at Young Perspective - from graphic designer to reporter - does so voluntarily and must be aged between 15 and 25. No one above the age of 25 is involved in the project at any level, meaning that the young people involved get real experience in leadership, meeting deadlines, handling finance and dealing with problems in a way representative of the real world due to the lack of intervention.

Despite the age of our team, Young Perspective strives to create content relevant to audiences of all ages, genders and occupations. Due to core age, 33.3% of our website's visitors are aged 18-24, with 19% aged 25-34. However, people from other age brackets do also enjoy content on our website, with 27% of our visitors 35 to 54 years old.

It is important to note, though, that running Young Perspective incurs several large costs. As we have grown to serve a larger portion of the internet, cover more and more stories and branch out into multimedia coverage (YouTube / AudioBoom) our overheads have increased as we have had to spend more money on our writers. We believe that this is vitally important, because for Young Perspective to be able to work as effective tool for young writers to launch their careers, we must be able to invest in their work. This is where this campaign comes in. Below are a list of our overheads:

  • Domain name - renewed every year.
  • Hosting - renewed every month.
  • Email - renewed every month.
  • Equipment for reporters - irregular / one off costs.

This is where you come in. The goal we have set for this project to give it the maximum chance of succeeding is the absolute minimum we need to keep Young Perspective live online: the cost of our domain name and our hosting for one year and in order to survive at least another year, we need you to help us reach that goal. As this is an "all or nothing" platform, we need to reach at least £150 or we will not receive any of the funds pledged. We are desperate to achieve our goal and raise more funds as it will give us the option to continue to use our custom email addresses ( which give us two massive advantages. Firstly, they give us an internal system that we can use to contact one another, particularly useful for editors commissioning stories, while secondly, they provide us with a really professional first impression which helps us to get stories and makes people take us seriously as an organisation.

By supporting Young Perspective through this campaign, you will be playing an important part in securing the next generation of internet savvy journalists. You will help a team of young writers continue to develop portfolios with which they can launch careers and you will keep a unifying resource open for as many more young writer as want to join. Whether you are an enthusiastic individual who wants to show your support for our campaign or a business owner, you can take advantage of some rewards exclusive to this campaign under the Rewards sidebar. From badges to in-story adverts, there are many great opportunities for exposure and to show that you and/or your business are investing in the journalists of the future.

We are, of course, aware that not everyone is able to contribute to our campaign and we understand that. If you like what you have seen and read on this page and think that Young Perspective is a good idea and deserves to keep going, please share this page. You can also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and visit our website to enjoy our content. If you're 15 to 25 years old, you're also welcome to join our team.

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