Young man needing support with mental illness

by Mental health support in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Young man needing support with mental illness


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I am trying to raise money for a mental illness for a young man ,we aren't finding any breakthrough with medication.

by Mental health support in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

 This young man is so inspiring ,and needs support, the words written by him in the sand "live life".a inspirational young man.

 Our small team is a single mother , we are trying to raise awareness of the mental health and how it afflicted on  my son's  is 22 he had a trauma in childhood and was bullied, he had a break down at university while  studying  , We are trying with a support team to bring his health to full recovery , three years  we have been supporting ourselves and through this dreaded sad illness. We lost our home,  employment and lost his education two years  ago to the mental breakdown and had to leave the university.

We are trying to raise money for further treatment, therapy and nutrition.

Arts and  music we are trying to bring into his daily life.A keyboard , a computer, any companies we are so grateful for a reconditioned one.

He has studies music technology, writing painting arts help him create his book.

We had a major set back to his regular medication which has detrimental affect on the brain chemicals .

This is a major setback the illness is back to a heightened  degree that he can't leave his home now.

We have found ourselves on the road to recovery again. A major setback in mental health , he a fighter but his journey is so hard,  but their are  days he wants to give up.

One day we hope he   will  be able to build a life and give so much back to others,  he has so much love in there to give, we are trying hard for him to nurture that at present, so difficult with the illness to see each day, we hope the next one brings hope for him and all the affliction mental health brings with it.

A very intelligent young man  that will become institutionalized if we don't bring some hope and  some support to his life.

We are looking at a second opinion with other doctors.

Water therapy  swimming, kite surfing equipment to support him , water therapy  and nutrition and financial  support for his family to be able to  travel miles to see him.

His mother needs Financial help , all  her saving go  on supporting him over two years.

This young man and family ,  needs a little help and  support  now.

He Has been writing drafts for  books he wants to get published  and I believe this books will help other young people with mental health.

We would like  to help others and charities" Norfolk Mind health  charity , donations of book sales  will also  go to his recovery his with music therapy ,arts and his writing.

Thankyou for your support.

Mental health supporting .

Let's make 'Young man needing support with mental illness' happen

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