Young Greens of England and Wales

Young Greens of England and Wales

To raise the funds for an election campaign, driven by Young People to secure a Green future.

We did it!

On 20th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £1,555 of £1,000 target with 92 supporters in 42 days

The Young Greens of England and Wales are the 15,000+ members of the Green Party that are under 30 or students, and we make up over a quarter of the entire Party.

With the Green Party consistently listed as one of the most popular choices in the General Election for 18-24 year olds and students as well as 24-30 year olds, the Young Greens are a key aspect of the May 2015 Green Party strategy to elect Green MPs.

We are fundamental to the future of the party and politics as a whole, and seek to change society through the empowerment of young people.

Like the Green Party, the Young Greens are funded from donations and we rely on the financial backing of each and every person who chooses to support us, to donate whatever they can so that we can help run all the things we do, be the voice of Young People and shape the future of our world.

This year is the most important General Election for the Green Party in a life-time and we’ll need more support than ever to be able to organise up and down the country.

The Young Greens constitute local and regional groups, the National Executive Committee and our sub-committees (from Equality and Diversity to Campaigns subcommittee). We train our members, run projects and organise campaigns to empower our groups all around the country – campaigning on everything from joining trade unions to equal pay at Universities.

We are planning a General Election National Activist Training Weekend, where Young Greens candidates, student groups and individuals can come together as a community, learn from one another and strategize about how to impact the Young People of the UK who are searching for an alternative to business-as-usual politics. We’ll be training our members to go back and help get local councillors and MPs elected, from Brighton to Bristol.

We want to be able to support our newly established Regional Groups of North, Midlands, East, South East, South West, Wales and London in their crucial work supporting key target constituencies for the Green Party across the country, giving them the financial ability to run their own training days or raise awareness of the Greens.

We also need to print lots of publications to share with our groups, such as promotional material on our campaigns, voter registration information, policy information, and of course our General Election material. It is our role in the Young Greens to provide key publications for local groups across the country, so that the surge in support increases more and more.

For this to be possible, the Young Greens need your help. Although financially times are tough, any donation would be a huge asset to the Young Greens, and will help the movement continue the brilliant work it does, and build on it for the General Election.

The Young Greens recognise how valuable each and every donation is, and therefore want to offer a way of thanking you for your contribution. Below is what is offered for each donation bracket.

£5 or more-Our gratitude for your contribution, as every pound makes a difference!

£10 or more- The above, and we’ll give you a twitter shout-out from our national account!

£20 or more- All of the above, and your name listed, with thanks given, in a section on the Young Green’s website for everybody to see.

£30 or more- All of the above, and a sheet of Young Greens stickers!

£40 or more- All of the above, and some Young Greens badges!

£50 or more- All of the above, except the stickers and badges are replaced by a Young Greens T-shirt!

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