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by Author In Me in High Wycombe, England, United Kingdom

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Expansion of our publishing services for children and to establish 'Young Authors' Hub' at various locations to inspire budding writers.

by Author In Me in High Wycombe, England, United Kingdom

We have a dream

Author In Me is an independent book publishing company, specialising in publishing books written by children under the age of 18 years with a provision of unique creative writing courses mentored by published authors.

Since our inception 3 years back, AIM has invested in research, design and publication of various creative writing resources. Our techniques are unique and designed to enhance vocabulary and writing skills.

We have a panel of award-winning authors, designers, thinkers and leaders in our team to make their publishing dream come true. Our vision is to give every child a voice and platform to express their idea through a story. We absolutely love what we do and our team is working tirelessly to provide young budding authors mentoring from published authors.

Imagination – The magic key

A child’s world, right from the time they are born, is surrounded by games, toys and books that talk about enhancing their mind through creative imagination. Kids grow up believing in the stories they read. As they grow, they start enjoying telling stories about their school days, friends , pets, day outs , dreams and many other subjects that touch their heart. Unarguably, outer creative expression of a child is a reflection of their inner world. Through writing, they gather their scattered thoughts and open up another dimension of their mind and, consequently, create a space for incredible expression, creativity and imagination. Their mind  opens up to endless possibilities and when nurtured carefully, they find creative solutions to many challenging situations. This lays the foundation of a strong personality, fosters confidence, blossoms creative and critical thinking.

A Journey - From an idea to a book

Every child has numerous stories budding inside them and our aim is to lead the child gently to finding his/her own voice and unique form of expression and share it with the rest of the world. The incredible journey of an idea to a book inspires children to write freely and vividly on the subjects close to their heart. Writing becomes a medium for them to explore inner strengths and break emotional barriers. Children learn from a tender age that no goal is impossible to achieve. Also, that the uniqueness is celebrated and their ideas and thoughts are recognised and acknowledged.

We consider submissions from all over the world and across a wide range of genres. Once the story is submitted, our editorial team undertakes a comprehensive review and guides children to embark on the incredible journey of becoming a published author.

Becoming a published author

Sometimes we believe that we are naturally good in some fields and lack skills for others, however the truth is that we all are born with multiple innate intelligences and to unshroud and develop those hidden skills, a little guidance is required. 

Our one year long creative writing course is designed to equip young writers with the tools and techniques so that they are able to articulate their ideas coherently and effectively. 

The course is divided in 3 modules; each designed with myriad vocabulary games, writing activities, role plays, debates and discussions. We cover all major areas of writing using unconventional methods of teaching. Our panel authors and teachers are given the freedom to bring their own unique method and energy into the class. The overall aim is to inspire and guide children to write a fabulous story; the one that has seeded in their mind. We start with a common theme and end up with 12 completely different stories in a batch! It’s always overwhelming to see a child nurture the idea carefully and gradually weave it into a story. The stories are edited and proofread by the children under the guidance of experts. The outcome of this is a beautifully illustrated, 215mmx215mm perfect bound, full colour picture book, printed in high quality. The book can be personalised with messages which makes it a perfect memory keepsake. 

We start by inspiring children to write a collection of small stories and publish them as a picture book and gradually challenge them to write a more elaborate story book which can be published as a novel. This process gives children inspiration to write and take pride in their unique work. They grow up with a strong ability to dream big and an unwavering faith in the belief that dreams do come true with hard work and perseverance.  We have given 650 children a chance to see their idea turned into a published book. One of our young author has also won the ‘rising Star Award’ at the age of 8!


Bright Young Minds


At Author In Me, we not only transform a young budding authors’ imaginations into beautifully illustrated books, we also provide them the opportunity to showcase their masterpiece globally by publishing it digitally and in print. All books can be provided with an ISBN number and made Kindle compatible.

The beautiful thing about technology is that it allows people to connect with each other globally. Our Bright Young Minds platform gives children a chance to sell their books online and in print to raise money for their favourite charities. This platform is open for all young writers who want to use their writing skills to make a difference in other’s lives; children who do not let their age deter them from their commitment to help make a positive contribution to the world. This process raises empathy, compassion and gives children a beautiful practical lesson about the art of giving. Our young authors have raised £630 for GOSH and Shooting Star Chase.

More than just a published author


After the stories are published, we create further opportunities for our young authors to inspire children to write and also share their incredible journey of becoming a published author. Exposures such as radio interviews, reading sessions at reputed educational institutes and seeing their stories featured in newspapers further empowers them to dream bigger and fulfil their aspirations.

Why do we need funds?

To be able to provide guidance and mentoring to children who love to write

After receiving positive feedback from parents and children, and personally seeing the benefits that children reap from these courses, we are determined to help many more children who can be part of this unique experience. It feels important to us to try and make these courses available to other children, which we are currently unable to do, unless we look for some financial support. Due to growing demand, we need money up front for expansion of our organization in terms of opening new centres and having more experts on our panel to ensure that we can offer the very best programme and facilities to our students, whatever their abilities and experience.

Expansion of our team and to open 3 new centres 

We have been offering creative writing courses which are led by our panel of authors and experienced teachers since 2016.  Currently, we have established 3 centres including High Wycombe, Woking and Harrow. We have 7 authors and 4 experienced teachers to conduct the courses at local school premises which we privately hire. Each participant is provided with creative writing resources which are conceptualised and created by the  AIM experts.  Through Crowdfunder, we would like to raise the funds to be able to offer these authors mentored courses for young budding writers at 3 new locations- Mordern, Reading and Central London in the UK. We are also looking to set up a permanent course centre in High Wycombe which would be open every day during term time, and during school holidays. To allow smooth start to these new centres, we need to recruit experienced teachers, illustrators, proof readers, editors, designers and authors to be able to provide every child the same opportunity to boost their creative and writing skills.

To reach out to a larger market

We know as a small local and independent business we must work hard to grab people's attention. Much of this is done by word of mouth but we also need help in creating quality, eye catching marketing resources and organise regular meet up events to help create awareness of Author In Me in new areas. Author’s annual event, 'Young Writers' Evening', provides opportunities for parents and children to meet the authors, teachers and other young writers who have benefitted from AIM courses. This is also a chance for children to showcase their work to a larger audience. Our aim is to organise such events frequently on a larger scale to allow a wider participation. We want to use financial investment to leverage all the local goodwill that we are generating and to reach the new audiences to help more children.



We are now scaling to My World, an endeavour that aims to promote positive mindset in children and be a global hub for youngsters to cultivate transformational life skills. We aim to achieve this through books, workshops, seminars for parents, online courses and webinars. The My World Book series will launch in January 2020. Aimed for children, aged 3 - 9 years, My World introduces children to the techniques of affirmation, visualisation and mindfulness.

The lasting difference you can make to our collective journey will bring us one step closer to our mission of becoming a global authors’ hub for children.

Our vision is big and we rely a lot on support from like minded people who believe in giving the gift of stories to the next generation. A huge 'Thank You' from all of us for your support! If you would like to join our tribe, please share our vision with your friends and family. We really appreciate your help.

*Supported by parents, influencers, authors and educators*

As a Psychotherapist I look to working with children creatively. When involved and asked to review the workshops of #Authorinme I actually facilitated and scrutinised the process. Both Directors have taken the bespoke concept of children becoming their own Authors and expressing thoughts in a safe and fun manner.  Which breaks down dis-empowering negative beliefs of their own capabilities. I believe it is an additional organic educational model to expand a child's confidence and self-esteem.

Genovieve Feasey

“Children and their minds are the greatest resource we have today. There is much to learn from them than teach. But as an adult I also know that “the more you teach, the more you learn”. Hence, I’m thrilled to be teaching my Mindfulness tips with children and in the bargain hone myself further with their energised minds. ‘Author in Me’ is a path-breaking company that has such a powerful vision to change the world through children. That is the only way we can truly do it, through our children indeed. Ekta and Monica are soulful and mindful ladies themselves. I love interacting with them and creating, what I visualise and affirm to be a book to remember !!” 

Raageshwari Loomba, Mindfulness expert, author and singer

I have really enjoyed my time with Author In Me this year. Creative writing has always been a passion of mine and it has been marvellous working with such talented, caring, like-minded individuals. Having worked in primary education for over 26 years, most recently as the headteacher of a preparatory school, I have vast experience in bringing out the best in children. One of the best moments for me, and quite frankly a privilege, has always been seeing a child's face light up when they know they have understood and the confidence shines out of them.  At Author In Me I see that on a regular basis with a small group of children that I come to know really well. Those children leave the course believing in themselves and their own language abilities. They discover that their ideas and words matter, their vocabulary and grammatical skills improve and they become a published author no less.! For me, it is such a rewarding way to spend an afternoon.

 -Michelle Phillips, course leader, Morden and Sutton

Thank you so much Ekta and Monica for all your love, support and your understanding throughout Zainab’s learning and discovering a great writer in her. Zainab has enjoyed 10 weeks writing course with you and has learnt so much. The best thing after the course is that she had started to write diary and is very determine about it. The interesting part is getting her book published and we are really looking forward to the end product. Zainab will definitely be back for another exciting course with you in future. I would highly recommend Author in me.

Aneela Ariha

What a great team ! Got my daughter’s book published with them and received 5 star service from start to finish. The end product is simply amazing. The illustrations are beautiful and perfect for the age group. Thank you for the upload on Kindle and for your invaluable support throughout. Thank you so much Ekta and Monica, you guys are just amazing ! Highly recommended.

Rashi Soin



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£70 or more

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Personalised Printed Picture Book

Get your own personalised book! If you or your child has written a story, we can turn it into a personalised picture story book with eye catching illustrations to compliment the story. One perfect bound printed copy will be sent out to you.

£10 or more

Personalised weekly digital planner

Get a beautifully designed personalised A4 weekly digital planner with motivational quotes to lighten up your day and help you organise your work.

£20 or more

Story writing booklets with vocabulary lists

Six months online subscription of creative writing programme - Ideal for children aged 7-11! The programme includes 6 PDF booklets with illustrated engaging daily activities, supporting vocabulary and an assessment task. Ideal to spark imagination and inspire young writers to express their thoughts coherently in the form of a story.

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Meet the authors and get a signed book

An exclusive chance to meet the authors of the upcoming book series, 'My World' at the book launch event. Also includes a book launch invite and a signed printed book copy of the My World book series 1. My World book 1 includes affirmation and mindfulness techniques for children with an aim to empower them to embrace their uniqueness . The book is ideal for children aged 3-9 years old.

£50 or more

Get a complete writer's kit

Complete Writer's Kit for children/ budding writers/ word enthusiast – Includes six months fiction writing online subscription along with a printed A4 creative writing workbook. Also includes a vocabulary bag with 100 A6 flash cards and 1400 words! Cards have words with synonyms, antonyms, sample sentence, parts of speech and word meaning. Ideal for 11 Plus preparation and great resource for anyone who loves to write.

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12 Weeks Author Masterclasses for children

20% discount on masterclasses for children aged 8-11 years- Led by our experienced teachers and panel authors. Give your child a life time experience of joining our writers club and getting a chance to learn the art of writing in a whole new and unique way. Our classes are intensive, vibrant, fun and enriching with a lot of focus on enhancing vocabulary. Includes study material, exclusive to Author In Me. Location: Harrow, Woking.

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Corporate Sponsor Package

Brand recognition for 12 months * our sponsors banner * the Author In Me website * social media campaigns.

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Master Corporate Sponsor Package

Brand recognition for 12 months * our sponsors banner * the Author In Me website * social media campaigns *digital and printed educational resources PLUS Special mention on our marketing material and newsletters ALSO Prime sponsor of our annual event, 'Young Writers Evening', a unique networking event held in first quarter of the year. The event brings authors, parents, educators, influencers and children together to share ideas and work.

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