You Don't Look British - Creative Writing Antholog

You Don't Look British - Creative Writing Antholog

A literary project that emphasizes the idea that we are all equal by being different and that Scotland is a country that embraces its truth.

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We began to develop our anthology idea after a number of discussions regarding the diversity of identities that Scotland welcomes. We considered what it means to adapt to a different language and community or to choose to remain an outsider regardless of the space you find yourself in. We then decided to explore these questions through writing and invite as many voices as possible to take part in this project. Thus, our hope is to edit and publish a creative writing anthology that focuses on the multiple identities and relationships that are hidden behind a Scottish environment that is and is not British. 

In terms of what our anthology will involve, we have already begun a collaboration with Freight Books and we have established that we would like, first and foremost, to bring forward an artistic project that encourages individuals to explore their identity and creativity in relation to issues of nationhood, culture and society. We also intend to introduce our anthology to Scotland through newspapers, magazines, the internet, as well as through festivals and events. We encourage both new and already-published writers to contribute with a prose piece that reflects their perspective upon issues of identit, creativity and self-knowledge in the Scottish and British landscapes. We have already received a very positive response and a great interest from writers and we are confident about the quality of the writing pieces. Furthermore, the anthology will bring together not only writers exploring issues of identity, but also individuals from as many different backgrounds as possible with the purpose of communicating the diversity existing within the Scottish landscape. In order to ensure that as many voices step out from the silence and marginalisation and are heard, we have also continued and developed our collaboration with Immigration Voice, for whom Paulina has previously organised events and worked as writer and editor. However, we also want to begin collaborating with charities and Refugee organisations, as well as with minority communities and, thus, develop our creative writing anthology as an instrument of equality and freedom of expression beyond fear and intimidation.

Although we hope to launch the anthology in Glasgow, we want the project to bring together participants from a variety of countries and continents, people who have lived all over Scotland and for whom our project carries a resonating message. We are looking to to hopefully include works from a variety of cultures and regions, while also addressing the issues of marginalisation and inequality. 

The anthology will be a symbiotic experiment that will include issues of elements of sociology, creative arts, language. We seek to capture the perspective that individuals from Scotland and beyond have on issues of nationality and cultural exchange in the light of recent events, as well as with the purpose of remembering the humanity and inner solidarity that cannot be bordered. We hope that our project will encourage social equality and present the complexity, beauty and diversity of the identity that is ever-growing and ever-changing in Scotland. Thank you for reading our story!

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