You could be "wheely" helpful

You could be "wheely" helpful

My attempt to raise funds to buy a mobility scooter to keep me employable.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi. Meet my sidekick, Lenny the Leg.

Lenny the Leg is what I have been left with for the last eight years, after a bad fall on ice that left my right ankle dislocated. For four years I was told it was " a bit of arthritis." When I finally got referred to the hospital after four years, the surgeon said it was- quote- "the worst dislocation I have seen in my career." It still took another four years to get progressed to surgery. This is set to happen on 15th November, anaesthestist permitting...

I am in constant acute pain, and walking on a dislocation for eight years has had a knock-on effect on other joints so I now have problems with my hips and shoulder joints, from using walking aids and pulling myself round the house from door frame to door frame. Because I wasn't prescribed adequate pain relief I have developed a further condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. This means that my nerve endings produce pins and needles, and extremes of heat and cold,  where there isn't any, because they have become so attuned to feeling acute pain. Recovery time from the operation- assuming there are no set backs- is three months with regular physiotherapy for up to a year.

The upshot of living with Lenny the Leg is that my earning capacity has become reduced. For someone with a work ethic like mine this has greatly reduced my quality of life. I do still work, but less hours. I have been consistently refused any disability related benefits up to this point, in spite of paying into the system since 1980. My financial situation will become worse after the operation. I may not be able to afford to run a car but need some kind of transport to make me employable.

I am seeking funding to buy a mobility scooter so I can retain my independence and carry on working, immediately after the operation. As well as working for an employer I also produce short films aimed at getting disabled people out and about, to raise their self esteem and get them out of the rut they have ended up in. This is something I can do in my own time.

I wondered if you would contribute to this cause then I can maintain my independence,? Many thanks.

Any funds raised over and above the amount requested will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Thank you.