by Jules in Ballantrae, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Thanks to your help, all of the money I will raise from you will be used to finance the tuition fees for my last year of BBA.

by Jules in Ballantrae, Scotland, United Kingdom

I have been willing to become a Chef in a top Restaurant, since my childhood. So I chose to integrate a hotel school in Marseilles, in a technology section. This school training allowed me to discover the different professions of the hotel industry. Therefore I joined the international School Vatel Nîmes in the French section, to specialize in hospitality management. I've been fully motivated at Vatel Switzerland in Martigny in the English section to progress in an international environment to improve my cultural knowledge and language skills.

Studying abroad is very costly. It is necessary to have the necessary financial resources to cover both our tuition fees for our study programme and living expenses in a foreign country. This is especially expensive when the destination country has a much higher purchasing power than our home country. That’s why you are a precious opportunity for me to realize my dream.   Born into a modest family of three children, we do not have sufficient and necessary resources to finance my study project. Without you, my dream and my opportunity to finish my study in school will not come true.  

Throughout the years, I have discovered the goal of my career, namely to become an entrepreneur in the hospitality business. I had the opportunity to develop and improve all the necessary skills required to understand guests'needs. My professional experiences in exclusive places have helped me to evolve professionally and boost my working skills. Passionate, determined and hard-working, sports that I play such as water polo have helped me to build a strong mental, and furthermore to appreciate the level of involvement and humility in the hospitality field.

I remain at your disposal for any enquiries.


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