You are Beautiful Project

You are Beautiful Project

To do workshops and raise awareness to young girls that looks are not everything- but its the inside that counts the most.

We did it!

On 15th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

The You are Beautiful Project is a non -profit organization. We work with young girls between the age of 10 -17 years old. Our aim is to change the perception of beauty in the media and we are working so hard to change that by reaching every school in the UK by delivering workshops and magazine with more information regarding mental health and body image.

The campaign teaches young girls that looks are not everything but it's on the inside that counts the most. Please support our campaign by helping us raise money to be able to reach every young girl in the UK and deliver the workshops in schools. We have done a few workshops so far within Greater London schools and the feedback has been amazing from both teachers and students. Please read feedback from some of the schools and students, we have delivered workshops too.

The ‘You are Beautiful Project’ has been a huge success at Oasis Shirley Park. Every female student from years 7 – 10 took part over several days, each attending a 50-minute session. The aim of the project was to enable young women to change their perception of beauty publicized in the media today. Part of the sessions used before and after photographs of famous women in the media. The students quickly came to realize that most of the photographs had been enhanced and that celebrities looked nothing like the photograph in their everyday lives. The students came to realize that beauty comes in a variety of forms and they acknowledged that beauty comes within. The project helped to educate our students. Comments from student included- ‘

The workshop really increased my confidence in what I look like’, ‘They said everyone is beautiful and this has really helped me see myself differently’, ‘This project made me feel better about myself’, ‘This project made me realize how many compliments can affect people and increase their self-confidence’, ‘I found this project inspiring and it made me feel better about myself’, ‘I found this project extremely useful and it made me feel better about myself’, ‘This project was really good because it made me feel beautiful’, For more information regarding the project, please visit our website. Or email the team direct at

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