You, Me and accepting the Big C

by You, me and accepting the big C in London, England, United Kingdom

You, Me and accepting the Big C


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To continue supporting whole families through one of the most difficult experiences they will ever brave.

by You, me and accepting the big C in London, England, United Kingdom

You, me and accepting the big C

The WRAP Way;

The word that everyone dreads. The uninvited yet accepting ‘C’ word. Cancer has become such a huge epidemic in our society, statistics now show that every 2 minutes someone in the U.K is diagnosed with cancer. (Cancer research UK). In all cancer cases, it does not only harm the patient, but also their family and friends.

WRAP – Wellbeing, Resilience, Activities, Positive outcomes – recognizes this and has been successfully supporting families through very difficult times within 9 months of being active. We currently have 10 families that come along and we offer one 2.5 hour session once every month for cancer patients and their families. The sessions include a range of activities for children along with group counseling and mindfulness sessions for the adults.


In north London there is currently NO charity offering a space for the adult parent receiving treatment to come with their family. WRAP offers a safe place for children and parents to meet other families going through the same difficult period in their lives.


100% of all adults that attend the WRAP sessions are extremely pleased with the service that is being provided. Below is some of the feedback we have received from the adults when asked -  ‘What did you most enjoy/appreciate about the session?’

Parents kept anonymous;

 “comfortable surroundings/people – open discussions about our worries, no judgement”

“Make this session more than once a month, this is a very good service for cancer suffers”

“Being able to talk openly, about my/our problems and concerns. Touched on dealing with anger so was happy to talk about that, and how to deal with it when it happens. I enjoyed how open the group was with each other”

“The support of the whole group being able to laugh and cry but not be on my own”

From our feedback, it’s very clear to seen that our service is helping those in desperately hard times. We’ve found it’s a service that has a high demand.

OUR PLEAD FOR YOUR HELP – Why is your help important?

WRAP is currently a free service to our 10 families due to previous sponsorship however funds have now run out. We and the families would love to keep WRAP active for the indefinite future. Each of our session costs £600. We are hoping to keep our fundraising page open, update it and raise more money for session in months to come.

Below is a BREAKDOWN of what your money will help us achieve.

For a counsellor, mindfulness facilitator, Boxercise trainer and arts and crafts teacher for one session - £312;

For equipment £42 and for materials £44;

Transport costs for the most isolated families £60;

For printing and marketing £25;

For a nutritious buffet £75;

For administration of the project £42;

Let's make 'You, Me and accepting the Big C' happen

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