Yorkshire Rows attempting to break a world record

4 mums from Yorkshire, the first to row across the North Sea and Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in December this year for charity.

We did it!

On 20th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £2,290 with 42 supporters in 56 days

Our aim 

We are 4 mums from Yorkshire, attempting to break a world record: the first to row across the North Sea and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in December this year for charity.

Meet the team:

Rose our boat!: 1 year old busy boat for four mums - already crossed the North Sea with my mums and broke my first world record - first female crossing of the North Sea!

Helen Butters: 44, busy working mum of 2, Lucy 15 and Henry 12.

'During my dad's illness he amazed and inspired me with his courage, bravery to the end.  I hope he will be with me in spirit when I am faced with the unpredictable vicious Atlantic Ocean.'

Niki Doeg: 44 busy working mum of 2, Corby 12 and Aiden 8.

"Every single person is capable of so much more, with hard work, dedication and support and support of those around them amazing feats can be achieved.

Frances Davies: 46 busy working mum of 2, Jack 12 and Jay 14.

"This challenge has everything - it's going to stretch us physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.  Truly life changing".

Jeanette Benaddi: 50  busy working mum of James 17 and Saffi 14

"Doing if for the charities, doing it for the mums!"

Going for the world record

Our plan is to row across the Atlantic Ocean to break a world record from La Gomera to Antigua in December 2015.  

This is a distance of 3,000 nautical miles and will take us between 60 to 90 days in a small ocean rowing boat which is 8 meters long and 2.5 meters wide.  When we cross the finishing line in Antigua we will be the oldest crew (with our combined ages) to row across any ocean.  

More people have been into space than have completed this challenge!  

Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Maggies Cancer Caring Centre are the two charities set to benefit from our fundraising and both charities are very close to our hearts.  

Each member of the team have our own personal reasons for undertaking this challenge (lots of people have said we are bonkers!!) but we are all united by a common goal to raise as much as possible for the charities, but also to inspire others that anything is possible with hard work and positive belief.  

If 4 mums can get to the start line and row across the Atlantic anyone can do anything!

We have already raised around £30.000 from a number of exciting sponsors already on board as well as individuals. You can see some of our partners listed below. We still, however, have a long way to go and need our target of 5K to pay for vital safety equipment and food supplies.  Join our team today!






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