Help Fund My Search Engine Yoople!

by Shaun Thomas in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Help Fund My Search Engine Yoople!
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Hi am shawn and am trying to raise funding for a search engine i have built on the web called Yoople.

by Shaun Thomas in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Hi i am after trying to get some funding for a new search engine that i have created online i have built it from the ground up and am trying to get it to grow but to do this i need to buy a domain name and upgrade my hosting.

 I am only looking for £100 to help me do this and you never know this could take off and become as big as yahoo, bing and maybe even google ;)

So please help me upgrade Yoople, The new search engine!

Check out my search engine yoople - click here!

Let's make 'Help Fund My Search Engine Yoople!' happen