YogiSpice - Fairtrade Organic Spices & Wholefoods

YogiSpice - Fairtrade Organic Spices & Wholefoods

YogiSpice - Sourcing the freshest and best quality organic Fairtrade produce direct from source in India

We did it!

On 1st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £25 with 2 supporters in 42 days

In a Nutshell

We started YogiSpice with the goal of sourcing the freshest and best quality organic Fairtrade produce direct from source in India at affordable prices.



We believe that everyone should have access to affordable organic produce. And this is because buying organically grown food—free of harmful chemicals, bursting with more nutrition, taste, and sustainable sustenance—is a direct vote for immediate health and the hopeful future of generations to come.

Moreover, buying organically grown food is a way of supporting farming directly - And this is important to us.

We want to deliver the best and affordable organic Fairtrade produce to the UK market whilst telling a story about where they are grown, who's growing them and why buying our products supports these mostly subsistence farmers.



Our first product is Turmeric Root Powder. 100% organic and Fairtrade sourced directly from Farmers in India. Turmeric is a wonder-spice, and in it's purest organic form a powerful healing medicine. We want to make it affordable and accessible enough for every household in the UK to have it stocked in their kitchen cabinet.



And that's just the beginning. We want to source the best organic Fairtrade produce from India, and bring it the UK market at affordable prices.

To name a few:

  • Organic Basmati Rice
  • Organic Dhal Lentils
  • Organic Tea
  • Organic Coffee
  • Organic Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Organic Shilajit

What will we do with the funding?

Having already visited India several times last year and built invaluable relationships with organic farmers we will finally be able to make our first major bulk order of various products. The scale we operate at now allows us to order just Turmeric. We will also use some of the funds to improve our packaging, the process and our overall product offering.



Once we make our big order, we'll focus on continuing our online sales via our site: http://www.yogheebutter.com/, Amazon & eBay and begin to approach independent organic food stores for our products to be stocked.

Spread the word

If you’re not able to contribute but like what we’re doing, tweet us at @yogheebutter, tag us on Instagram @_yogispice_, and share with your family, friends and work colleagues!

And feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


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