Yoga is Ecstasy

by Kash in London, England, United Kingdom


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Outdoor Yoga & Ecstatic Dance with a live DJ and online streaming.

by Kash in London, England, United Kingdom

I come from a background in digital marketing and I also have an extensive history of being involved in music (specifically live entertainment and the well being industry). In the past few years, I have dedicated myself to self-help and well-being, in doing so I have managed to become a certified Yogi and have dedicated myself to improving my body and mind on a daily basis. As the global pandemic induced by Covid 19 began, I noticed my dedication to Yoga, well-being, and music increase substantially. I have always looked at yoga as a dance of spirit, between mind and body. The idea of being able to integrate music and yoga together has always been a dream of mine. It was at this moment that I not only realized my concept with Yogastasy, but wanted to share it with the world!  

I believe my past experience in industries such as night-life and entertainment (a decade to be exact) to be extremely valuable. And in finding Yoga, all I could ever think about is, “how would these two concepts merge and work together?” The answer to this question roots from positivity, sobriety, and an unstoppable desire towards creating universal well-being. I am certain that this concept encourages positivity and well-being, and am excited to share my experiences and ideas with as many people as I can reach. 

I believe, now more than ever, we need to move towards a period of mindful living. And I love the idea of creating a safe and sacred space for people so they can consciously connect to their inner self. In doing so, they will also be able to have a genuine connection to others through the vibration of music while practicing Asana. Yoga, as you might know, is the union of mind, body, and spirit. In my honest belief, Yoga and music together can also act as a unifying factor amongst people; especially at a time that we need each other the most!

My aim is to create a welcoming space where families and friends who have similar interests can come together as one into a healthy environment and connect to their heart. A huge part of yoga is being aware of your body and reconnecting yourself to the earth. This ideology has created an obsession of nature for me in my life, and I would love to (as much as possible) dedicate our sessions to nature and our beautiful planet. This being said, I believe the outdoors aspect of the concept has to be respectful to native creatures of this earth and also other people sharing this space with us. As a step towards this universal idea of well-being (both towards nature and people), all the participants will be using wireless headphones to create as little to no disturbance to the environment. Our live DJs will be directly connected to the participants and will cater music that not only follows our programming but also promotes meditation and mental healing.

You’ll be treated to a tasty and eclectic mix of deep and healing sounds, starting with ambient soundscapes to induce the meditative state before delving into electronica, deep house, world music and ethnic beats, then finishing it up with downtempo tracks and concluding with a gentle Gong Bath.

Our program consists of offering a modern version of Hatha-Raja yoga, fused with the Vinyasa flow and Kundalini breathing techniques, all done with high-quality headphones that use hypnosis frequencies to take you in a deeper and essentially meditative state. Close to the end of our session ,and to keep the vibes flowing after the session has finished, everyone is invited to stay for a picnic. 

In our efforts against animal cruelty, nature-preservation, and the promotion of vitality abundance, we will also be serving organic and nutritious vegan foods, detox juices, and healthy snacks after the event (eg. high protein, fat free foods, with no added sugar, and gluten free). I am proud to announce that our recipes are directly influenced by Ayurvedic science as conscious eating is of absolute essence and importance to my ideology behind Yogastasy.

My goal is to franchise Yogastasy not for the sole purpose of profit, but for the purpose of sharing this wonderful experience with as many people as we can in the world. This being said, we do live in a world that is unfortunately suffering from a global pandemic and we are aware of all of the restrictions that are meant to keep us healthy. Even though touch and direct human interaction is of great essence, I am very much for promoting longevity and following national health guidelines to never overstep legality or compromise any of my participant’s well-being. I, along with my staff, will take every measure to monitor and ensure that every single one of our participants is healthy prior to coming to the event. I'm aiming in the future to have franchised yoga and ecstatic dance centers, including vegan lounges, and individualized treatment rooms. Also, it would make sense to combine our live sessions with online streaming to provide access to people around the world who are not able to join us in person; everyone is invited!

My goal is to achieve unity through finding and practicing a conscious lifestyle. This idea is proven to improve your daily mood, interactions, and routines, eventually making you a leader in positive thinking and conscious living. Imagine a life filled with love, passion, and well-deserved prosperity?



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