Yoga at the Reach

After years of teaching out of church halls I have decided to set up a dedicated yoga studio in S11 to provide yoga classes to everyone in the local area. I want to set up a quality, diverse and vibrant yoga centre and community for teachers and students a like to use and enjoy.

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2014 we successfully raised £9,195 of £9,000 target with 62 supporters in 56 days

Who am I?

 I am a dedicated yoga practicioner and teacher.  I have been teaching in Sheffield for a number of years, teaching yoga to young and old and in all different phases of life cycle.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and meeting the lovely people who come to my classes.  I feel very blessed.

Yoga is beneficial to so many people in so many ways, I want to help yoga be accessible to everyone.

 What am I doing and why?

Yoga at the Reach

 If you are a yoga teacher reading this, you will appreciate the challenges of running a yoga class.  In many circumstances, you will have to take eqipment with you to the venue and take it back home again!  The venue may not have the facilities that you require or space to store equipment.  You may share a venue with other groups that are not as yogic as you are!  Does that sound familiar? I have moved teaching venues a number of times whilst in Sheffield and have come to realise that I/yoga need a permanent home...a little yoga sanctuary. So I am going to set up a dedicated yoga space that will allow pupils and teachers the opportunity to practice in a safe, warm and comfortable environment.  It will be a sanctury to all. 

Having spoken to many students and teachers, there is a need in Sheffield for a formal, dedicated space where just yoga is taught, where people can arrive and take part without having to bring props and mats.  They can simply turn up and enjoy.  The studio will offer teachers a quality place to teach from and students a wide variety of styles of yoga.  It will be a yoga home to all.

The centre will be unique as we will be offering a diverse range of yogas to attract maximum participation from teachers and students alike.  This will foster a lovely yoga community.  We will be holding workshops and asking teachers from far and wide to come and inpart their knowledge to us.

 Why I need your help?


I have leased a building locally and now need help with the costs of getting the studio ready.  I would like to make it as accessible to everyone as I can!  There is work that needs to be done to make the studio ready and then I will need to buy the appropriate equipment for the studio, as well as set up the business side i.e. on-line bookings/payment system/web sites/social media/sales/marketing.

 And to the future?

When the centre is up a running I would like to start abusary/sponsorship scheme to help others become yoga teachers.  Training can cost thousands of pounds today and I want to make sure that it isn't prohibitive if some-one wants to train but can't afford it. 

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