Yoga and healing training

Yoga and healing training

I am raising funds to help cover the costs of my ongoing training as a yoga teacher and an alternative healer.

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On 8th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Hi everyone, if you don't already know me my name is Jaz.

My story is this - I suffered a great deal of bereavement and trauma in a very small space of time, and even ended up seeing a psychiatrist and being prescribed a cocktail of drugs due to the extent of the trauma I underwent. 

The only thing that I have found that has made any real leap into recovery and actual quality of life is establishing a personal yoga, meditation and healing practice.

I am already a teacher, this is true, but ongoing training is not always within my reach. Training requires travel and seeking out teachers in the fields I wish to study in some of the far reaches of the earth.

The areas I wish to train further in will help in my recovery and help me to help others!

These include:

  • Yoga
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Body work (massage)
  • Shamanic practice

It is my eventual aim to find a way to bring these ancient and extremely useful practices to those in dire need of them - when I was most in need of healing I had no financial resource to actually go to a healer, really and made do with what was available to me. While more and more eastern or ancient wisdom is being recognised as an essential part of general emotional well-being and stability, this is not something that is covered under the scope of the NHS. For those on low incomes this can effectively block them from attaining the autonomy over their own health that we should be for all.

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