Ymlaen Moelyci - Forward Moelyci

Ymlaen Moelyci - Forward Moelyci

To save our 340 acre Ffarm Moelyci by securing its freehold forever; its rich wildlife supports our community, rural enterprise and activity

We did it!

On 13th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £5,780 with 35 supporters in 28 days

Forward for everyone's future 

Ymlaen Moelyci are a not for profit consortium of enterprises and organisations who are all passionate about saving our farm, Ffarm Moelyci.  We're coming together in crisis to raise money to buy the freehold and remove the burden and obstacle of debt that the current owners have carried and we hope you'll join us and help save our slice of Wales.

We are forming Ymlaen Moelyci with the purpose of securing, holding and improving the farm’s freehold as an environmental and social asset for the benefit of its members and the wider community. Its legal status is as a Company Limited by Guarantee and will be registered as a Community Interest Company recognising the fact that it contains an asset lock and is dedicated to both community and local economic benefit.

We are already well on our way to securing most of the funding and have brought both new and old enterprises and organisations together tin a consortium to do so. There is now a need and an opportunity for the community, you, to pledge and help us reach our target and thus secure the 340 acre farm for use by all. From locals who work or walk on the farm to those across the UK who rejoice in abundant wildife (the farm is 50% SSSI) to anyone across the globe wanting to save a slice of Wales - you are all our community.

We want you to join our community

With your financial support we know that we can raise enough to secure our land!   

We've already got pledges amounting to £900,000 from our consortium members and other enterprises who live, work and want to stay on the farm. Now we need your help to raise the last bit - just £150,000! With thousands of you out there many pledges will make light work of this target.

All of the money raised will be used in our bid to secure the freehold of the farm in perpetuity and for the benefit of the communities from near and far who appreciate it, the rich wildlife and all the local enterprises and activities that have flourished here.

If our target is not met but we can still secure the farm then all pledges will be used for this purpose.

If Ymlaen Moelyci is not able to complete a purchase of the freehold all pledges will be made available should another not-for-profit and asset locked organisation (such as a charity or a Community Interest Company) be in a position to secure the freehold with similar aims.

If our target is exceeded then all funds will be used to firstly secure the freehold and then improve some key assets (such as resurfacing the farm track).

If you want to get in touch with us or think you may have more to offer please don't hesitate, we'd love to hear from you:              ymlaenmoelyc@gmail.com

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