Save Yiewsley Park from developments

by Yiewsley Park & Community Group in West Drayton, England, United Kingdom

Save Yiewsley Park from developments
We did it
On 20th October 2018 we successfully raised £180 with 9 supporters in 42 days

Save our park! Prevent flats being built on our beautiful, green, open space.There is a legal covenant to remain 'forever recreational'.

by Yiewsley Park & Community Group in West Drayton, England, United Kingdom

SAVE YIEWSLEY PARK FROM DEVELOPMENT                                                                     1536172257_1536172256740.png

HILLINGDON COUNCIL LEADER ignores lawful covenant - approves flats development on Yiewsley Park.

History of Hillingdon Council's stripping of Yiewsley local sport facilities: 

2010 Hillingdon Council demolished Yiewsley swimming pool popular and well used, it wasn't maintained. Public money went instead to affluent Ruislip for £6m refurb of their Highgrove pool. 

2014 - Council ignores the covenant for recreational use and give themselves planning for 3 storey flats squidging in an NHS Centre - this fell through. All the while, local residents have lost their health facilities; the pool, used by 5 local schools; a generation of kids missing out.  No consultation. Public recreational land: left as rubble.


2017 - Council decides (in secret) to build flats, this time, to demolish the library (recently refurbished), remove the Bowling Hut and cut out the bowling green and other areas of the park protected by covenant to plonk in a replacement library squashed into 4 storeys of flats and maybe add a 'gym' as compensation.

2018 - April Yiewsley Park Group petition to retain their bowling hut asking for refurbishment to allow local groups to use their facility. 

Report from June 11 Hearing:

July 2018 - Covenant Petition to retain all of Yiewsley Park as 'forever recreational'



£10 towards safeguarding a walk in the park

 Honour the gift of green for everyone visiting, living, working and enjoying Yiewsley Park 

 No Bowls hut but Boules is fun


Oversubscribed housing developments in this area lacks adequate infrastructure planning for residents' recreation. Already overcrowded this green space is vital for the people's health and well-being.

Help us protect precious green space and prevent sale of parkland for flats! 

Profits from sales go into a general Borough budget and not paid back into local facilities.

There is local S106 money with 7 year time limit - this money could go into our already deprived area.

We want to raise awareness of the value to health for all ages of outdoor sports for families  

We want inclusive recreation for elderly, less able or disadvantaged

Sport and recreation options beyond a fee paying, exclusive gym 

We protest the blatant disregard of public opinion in fate of publicly owned land 

We protest the lack of transparency in development deals done without due consultation before spending public money on development proposals as outlined in Local Democracy Consultation Document 2006

Yiewsley Over 65s club: 

"We have low mobility and are unable to get anywhere outside of Yiewsley 

but are still passionate about the community."

Local facilities for local people - let us have our say what facilities we want!

  • We protest the taking away of facilities for years without like for like or improved replacements
  • We protest the Council's DISRESPECT FOR EQUALITY insisting Yiewsley residents travel by bus/car for sporting facilities that have been lost to them = football grounds, tennis courts, swimming pool and bowling hut!


  • Massive Housing developments in Yiewsley /West Drayton due to Elizabeth Line/Cross rail will bring thousands of people, individuals, couples, families all landing into an area already underserved; lacking facilities
  • We believe Council proposals will turn a section of an historic, public park into private gardens entirely for profit. This excessive greed over need is not viable under the Public Interest Test : "...good decision-making by public bodies, in upholding standards of integrity, in ensuring justice and fair treatment for all..".                                    

1926 Covenant: Yiewsley Recreation Grounds to be 'Forever Recreational'

Yiewsley Urban district was gifted land for future generations to enjoy open, green space.  A kindly, thoughtful, forward thinking individual conveyed by Covenant (a legal agreement and promise that is held into the future), worded specifically: 'the whole of the grounds forever to remain recreational' in 1926. 

(a) “The whole of the said piece of land shall forthwith be dedicated and forever maintained as an open space for public use and recreation”. (b) “No buildings other than lodges bandstands lavatories cricket pavilions refreshment rooms shelters sheds and buildings of a like nature shall at any time be erected on any part of the said piece of land without the previous consent of the county council it being understood that such consent will only be granted in the case of buildings intended to be used for the purposes of ancillary to the enjoyment of the said piece of land as an open space for public use and recreation”.



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