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Support Cheshire Dance to give young people of Cheshire the opportunity to work more creatively on bigger stages with greater recognition!

by Cheshire Dance in Winsford, England, United Kingdom

Our young people need your support!

So many of the young people we come across today are crying out for creativity. They crave freedom of self-expression and for the opportunity to show those around them that they CAN achieve anything they put their mind to. In their own words, “There’s more to us than hanging around the town. We have ideas and we want to create something big – something of our own that will make both ourselves and our town proud.” And at Cheshire Dance, we want to support them.

The young people of today are yearning to take more responsibility for their own creations. They want to take the lead and produce their OWN creative work and to be part of bigger projects on bigger stages with greater recognition. At Cheshire Dance we have the perfect opportunity to help them! 

With ‘Now Northwich’ (our International Dance and Street Art Festival) just around the corner, we want to support our young people to curate their OWN work. We want our young people to play a central role in the hugely successful October event – and we want to open doors that will allow them to work more creatively, more often… both now and in the future.

Our young people have asked for a series of FREE workshops that will further unlock their potential. They have asked for a platform to enable them to take their own initiative to design and produce pieces for the festival, and they want to showcase their talent, ability and creativity alongside national and international performers. 

BUT in order for this to happen, we need your support

Whilst Cheshire Dance is a charity with a history spanning over four decades, we are still A CHARITY with very limited funds. At our heart lies our mission to enable everyone everywhere to access dance and to benefit from its transformative power, and we encourage the youth of today to express themselves creatively. At Cheshire Dance we say "YES TO YOUTH"- and we want you to say “YES” too. 

Through these workshops, young people would not only be able to explore their endless creativity, but they would also harness additional lifelong skills. From instilling confidence, developing characters and boosting communication, to working responsibly as a team, building resilience, problem solving and meeting deadlines – these workshops could do all this and more.  These workshops could help young people to shape their own lives. 

Aptly called “YES TO YOUTH”, this initiative is free of charge, open to everyone in the community and accessible to those with disabilities and those from low income neighbourhoods. 

ALL monies raised would go towards FREE creative sessions with experienced practitioners and technical assistance in the lead up to the festival – and beyond. 

By donating to this fund, you can join us in supporting young people to realise their ambitions, and can help this generation to strengthen vital social, interpersonal and emotional skills for the future. 

Support our young people by donating now!

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