Yeovil Live Magazine

Yeovil Live Magazine

Yeovil Live is an events magazine, aimed at helping promoting local bands and venues and helping promote new talent and events.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Yeovil Live is a not for profit magazine with a distribution of over 20,000 copies across Somerset and North Dorset.  Its main aim is to support local bands and venues and promote new acts, arts and cultural events in the area. 

It supports local charitiable events and groups and offers support to promote a vibrant musical life and to encourage more bands and performers. 

 Funding is needed to help cover the growing print and distribution costs to allow the magazine to grow and reach more households.  Although very popular, revenue from advertising does not yet fully cover these costs and all time is being donated free of charge by the team. 

Any profits made will be reinvested in increasing the distribution, circulation and size of the magazine to allow us to reach more new bands and venues and build a more vibrant music scene.