Yellow Hearts Face Masks

by Eloise Herridge in Wrenthorpe, England, United Kingdom

Yellow Hearts Face Masks


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I’m raising money for yellow hearts face masks to recognise those lost to Covid 19 are more than just a number

by Eloise Herridge in Wrenthorpe, England, United Kingdom

I lost my dad to Covid 19 on 17th April 2020. He was fit and healthy before Covid, with no underlying health conditions and he was just 60 years old. His death was sudden and the “new normal” for our family is unrecognisable from before.

I saw the numbers being reported on the news each day and was disheartened that the people dying weren’t acknowledged as real people, just as statistics and it hurt. I found a group called Yellow Hearts to Remember Covid 19 and became heavily involved. The yellow heart is widely used as a symbol to show our loss and that those lost to Covid 19 are more than just a number.

With face masks becoming mandatory in shops in England from 24th July, there was a call for some yellow hearts face masks from members of our group. They wanted to raise awareness of the yellow hearts and their loss. This page is to raise money for these face masks with any excess being split between the St Paul’s Memorial fund and the Glasgow memorial garden fund.

The cost of making one mask is around £2.15, with postage costing between £0.88 and £2.95 for small quantities.

The masks have been ordered and will arrive at the start of August. 

Let's make 'Yellow Hearts Face Masks' happen

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