Year of the Volunteer 2019

by Hope UK in United Kingdom

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Year of the Volunteer 2019 aims to train an additional 40 Drug Educators across the UK and to support 120 existing Educators.

by Hope UK in United Kingdom

950,000 young people have smoked Cannabis. Associated risks: schizophrenia, lung cancer, addiction.

300,000 young people inhale Nitrous Oxide regularly. Associated risks: nerve damage, depressed formation of white blood cells, death. 

250,000 young people have taken Cocaine. Associated risks: Increased chances of HIV, serious heart problems, death.

A young person who takes drugs is also much more likely to partake in other risky behaviour as well. This includes anything from unprotected sex to criminal activity. Furthermore drug-use can lead to major social exclusion; exclusion from family and friends, and from the job market. 

HOPE UK's mission is to equip young people to make drug-free choices. And we're doing OK. But, every year, HOPE UK has to turn away requests for Drug Education Sessions due to a shortage in Drug Educators. That means that every year, young people, who desperately need educating on drugs, miss out. That breaks our hearts...

Year of the Volunteer 2019 aims to recruit and train an additional 40 Voluntary Drug Educators, all across the UK, in an attempt to address this shortfall. Year of the Volunteer 2019 also aims to support our existing Educators, as they will perform an important role supporting the new Educators.

HOPE UK is a team of 6 full-time members of staff, 3 part-time workers, and approx. 120 Voluntary. We work nationally but our Head Office is in Kettering, Northants. 

We are all alcohol and drug-free Christians, passionate about seeing young people live life to the full, free from drugs.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

Drug Education Session

If you donate £200 to Year of the Volunteer 2019, you, or a local youth group are eligible to receive a HOPE UK Drug Education Session.* * Subject to availability and geographical location. HOPE UK will assess compliance with Safeguarding (donor/group leader must be DBS Checked and suitable to work with young people etc). HOPE UK has the right to refuse session, if Educator is unhappy with situation.

£500 or more

£500 T-Shirt

How many people can say that they own a £500 T-Shirt? Pledge £500 to Year of the Volunteer and receive a HOPE UK T-Shirt.* *HOPE UK is a Christian Drug Prevention Charity and we request that wearers of the T-Shirt don't do anything to defame the name of HOPE UK, or bring the charity in to disrepute.

Let's make 'Year of the Volunteer 2019' happen