Year 7 fees help for Children that are Gifted.

by samantha in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Year 7 fees help for Children that are Gifted.


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To help other single mothers that may have gifted children. Cross over to Private education if the child has ability, but no help available.

by samantha in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

I would like to reach out to other parents that may live in urban areas in London that have children and they have a child that stands out in terms of their educational ability but is not really noticed at school much at your daughter or sons school maybe because of the cut backs in schools, or because a parent is working or has other children and that child misses out? parents find the balancing act difficult maybe, and the finance is hard to come by to maybe do extra drama clubs, music clubs, breaks away during term times, buying a gift to maybe say well done for the work they have put in to get excellent grades for their age... ( Real life situations on a case to case basis)

Secondary schools are a big step in a child's life, if mum works and needs a little help towards fees because her child worked extra hard and passed the11 plus entrance exams and would like the child to attend a independent school from a state school but there is no help available by the independent school I think many would benefit especially at the start of year 7. 

My vision would be to help local schools in urban areas with year 6 students to have access to helping them follow their dreams and be able to have access to the right secondary school and help with fees for the year or so. Maybe not with all fees but with some for the term to help with the monthly cost. ( If fees are £1,300 per month/ £600.00 or so would help the family or single mother to consider the option.  As some parents may live in area where the school options are limited and the child didn't not get 1st 2nd or even third choice for their choice of secondary school.

How will it be used?

Contact the local primary schools / parents connected with the school and discuss how the fund could encourage year 6 students to do well at their 11 plus with confidence that they too can cross over to a secondary school that will meet their educational need plus more. Then maybe work with private schools to see if these children can get additional funding once that child can demonstrate that they have what is takes to be in that educational environment.

Maybe a golden ticket -  for a few children so they work hard and are rewarded at the end of year 6 with their school fee.  If they are not offered ANY help by the way of a Scholarship or Bursary by the  school for there year 7 start.


Let's make 'Year 7 fees help for Children that are Gifted.' happen