Yau's Gluten Free Oriental Foods

A Nut-Free Satay Sauce? Gluten Free Chinese Curry? Just two of the upcoming new products from Yau's. Fantastic flavours from the Far East!

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Where Your Money Goes

Yau's focus is on delivering great-tasting products that will inspire you to explore all the flavours from the Far East in your own kitchen. To supplement the existing range of stir-fry sauces and dips, we're really excited about launching the next three major products, all gluten free - and we need your help.

Yau's Nut-free Satay sauce tastes like an authentic Malaysian Satay sauce should - intensely flavoured and with a nutty texture. In fact, if you didn't know it was nut-free, you wouldn't be able to tell. We've sampled it at food shows around the country and you've been telling us how much you'd love to see it available everywhere. 

Yau's Curry sauce tastes just like to best restaurant curries. It has a deep, rich flavour that simply goes with everything! Pour over your chips, serve with rice, add flavour to your stir-fries, or just dip your spring rolls into it!

And you'll soon be able to cook a gluten free chow mein with our upcoming Stir-Fry noodles, created to cook in a wok without turning mushy or sticky (rice vermicelli somehow just doesn't cut it when stir-frying).

Currently under early development, we need your support to turn these fantastic recipes into widely available products. Whilst we can work with our retail partners at Wing Yip, Whole Foods Market and Holland and Barrett for listings, we still need to complete the development stage, design the product packaging and manufacture our first batches, and get the marketing machine rolling - all of which requires investment.

Completing the development cycle for all three products will require approximately £1200. This will allow us to transform our homemade recipes into ones that a manufacture can reproduce with a consistently high quality. The funds will also cover the costs of lab testing for microbiology and nutrition as well as gluten free certification.

The product design stage will cost some £1500 per product. This involves assessing and evaluating different designs and incorporating all legally required information on the back-of-pack, before generating final print-ready artwork.

Next, the really fun bit. Actually having the product made. There is an upfront cost before first batches are produced, and only after extensive taste testing and ensuring that the recipe is robust and quality can be maintained. Estimated costs for first batches are around £2500 for each product.

Finally, we need to get the new products in front of the right buyers, firstly those in the trade, and then, of course, YOU. We estimate an initial budget of around £500 per product for press advertising and social media. Once sales get under way we can supplement this from the profits.

Meeting our target will ensure that these products get made and become available to everyone, so no-one misses out, whether you or a family member is Coeliac, have chosen to go gluten free, or simply want really tasty Satay chicken or Chinese curry.

About Bonnie Yau

What began as a way to sell a few more products in the family retail shop soon generated enough interest for husband and wife, Philip and Bonnie, to consider developing an entire range of standalone products that would bring together great taste, authenticity and ease-of-use. Using experience from her previous ownership of a takeaway restaurant Bonnie began to develop healthier recipes that retained Far Eastern flavours, yet also provided inspiration for home cooks. And with a growing family, she wanted her girls, Isobel and Ophelia, to be able to enjoy their favourite sauces without any artificial ingredients or MSG too.

Whilst previously successful in the family retail business with his parents, Philip and Bonnie are moving into new markets on their own, exploring new opportunities, generating new ideas and capitalising on changes in the retail sector, particularly in the free from ambient sauce category. And this is the sector that is experiencing tremendous growth (114% year on year, KantarWorldpanel). Yau's is poised to lead the way by raising the bar in the Oriental foods sector and innovating with unique new products.

Philip's involvement brought extensive retail and marketing experience and a plan was hatched to explore the potential for Bonnie's creations.

Starting out locally, exhibiting at food fairs and working with local retailers, Yau's was beginning to spread further afield. New listings from Whole Foods Market, Wing Yip, Dobbies and independent farm shops and delis around the UK (and abroad) meant that Bonnie was no longer able to produce from her own kitchen anymore and a local manufacturer took over production so that we could concentrate on building the brand and finding new retailers.

Opportunities continue to present themselves, and growing demand for products that accommodate the needs of food allergy sufferers has meant that Yau's is now clearly focused on developing unique products that deliver on taste and flavour, yet can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. And judging by the response we've received so far, we seem to be on the right path. The response to our homemade samples of the new sauces has been overwhelming and we're humbled by the excitment that everyone has shown. We simply can't wait to get them out there.

What Happens Next

We're looking to raise enough money to cover the costs of finishing development and launching the products. And it's all or nothing. If we meet our target of £14,500, the products will be available before the summer. When we've raised the money with your help, even more of you will be able to enjoy some of the fantastic flavours of the Far East.

Please check out the rewards, there's a fantastic top reward that you can share with family or friends. However, any level of contribution would be greatly appreciated!

What We're Doing Now - Gallery

Some ideas for our existing products:

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Liven up any salad with a dash of our fabulous, zingy Zum sauce (based on a Bonnie's family recipe!)

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We've more images for you at Pinterest (https://uk.pinterest.com/bonnieyausfoodp/), and who doesn't love looking at great food?


Thank you for your support! It will change our lives and YOURS!