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Been diagnosed with cancer and half way through my treatment and I have now run out of money. I would kindly accept any donations to myself.

by Yasemin vatansever in London, England, United Kingdom

Hiya, my name is Yasemin Vatansever and I am 27 years old and have been diagnosed with cervical cancer which has spread and has left me unable to have children. I had worked for virgin media for 3 months when I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2018. It’s been really hard for me as I haven’t been getting paid at work due to the fact I haven’t been working there more than 6 months; I am not eligible for sick pay. I am and will be recieving chemotherapy and radiotherapy everyday for the 7 weeks at Harley street which is covered by my work. I travel everyday to get there by car which moretimes is tiring but I have no one else to help me get there or back. I don’t get a penny from anywhere else. I am in between a rock and a hard place as I do not have the funds to pay for some of my medicines, petrol, travel, bills, toiletries, food etc... and to top it of it all, I am constantly left feeling exhausted. I have had to use my savings to maintain myself and I am now left penniless. I never thought I would be in a situation where I am fighting for my life and the basic maintenance of my needs. My nurse informed me about this site and she said it has helped most of her patients and as a person in need I thought I will try too. Please, if you could help me a little by donating I would be extremely grateful.

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