Yang Yang Training

Yang Yang Training

Rehoused dog which requires training for anxiety issues

We did it!

On 27th May 2016 we successfully raised £26 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Hi. My husband and I recently rehomed a one-year-old female Australian Shepherd’s dog, named Yang Yang through a friend of my friend who couldn’t bring back to home country for some reasons. Before she started staying with us, she has been through multiple places changes and staying with different people which made her mentally vulnerable and brought her anxiety and aggression especially to children. It was found when she firstly met my nephew and she started growled, barked and bit him. I was shocked when seeing it since I had been told firstly before she came in by the previous owner that she like people and children and then was informed after that she doesn’t like children when I mentioned it to the ex-owner. We once had thought to send her away however we couldn’t do it since we already love this dog and she looks so happy when getting along with another dog of ours. It would be devastating for to send her away and it might possibly aggravate her mental issue. Therefore, we decided to seek assistance from a professional trainer, which will cost us £300 to help her improve her existing problems and become socialized. I am currently at the stage of job hunting and working a part-time job, so all the life expense is depending on my husband. The training fee is more than we can afford and we failed to persuade the ex-owner of Yang Yang for some support. I really wish our home can be her last home to stay, grow and live happily all her life and no more transferring so I beg for your assistance and generosity to help us and Yang Yang to fulfill this dream. It may be a little money for some people however without this money, one life will be abandoned again and waiting forever for the next chance to be rehomed. Your little help is a huge support to us and provide this big girl a better life! Thank you!

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