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Yahweh Medical Juices

A better YahWeh way to live long, good and healthy from the inside to the outside, protect your organs and wellness will be yours!!!!

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 1 supporter in 95 days

Hello all,

My name is Benedicter Boateng founder of Yahweh Medical Juices, today I would like to introduce  Yahweh Medical Juices to you.

Yahweh Medical Juices produces cold pressed juices made of Vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, herbs and spices. All these ingredients are 100% natural and used to create juices that cleanse, protect from cancer and many diseases  and sustain the organs in our body.

At the age of 15 I had to drop out from college and work to take care of my ill mother, as she was on medication due to her high pressure and Liver diseas. Back in the days when I use to study I use to love the subject Dietetics amd nutrition because I always felt that there was a way to heal my mother without taking ''1000 pills in a day''.

Throughout the years I moved from Italy  to the UK to have a better future and to concentrate on my career. My dream was actually to finish my studies but once again I couldn't due to the high university tuition fees. After some years I started to be more concerned about protecting the organs in our body...I then started to do more researches..... it was absolutely amazing how natural it was to create something unique that is also effective at the same time, I then saved some money to buy a coldpress machine to actually put my ideas into practice and that's how I founded Yahweh Medical Juices, a brand that is absloutely different from all the juice companies out there. The reason why my juices are different is because we just don't claim to be healthy but we prove it. So far I was able to create some  samples and got to a number of 8 cureable issues that Yahweh Medical Juices can help with. This includes  high pressure,liver support,heart support,lung support , Kidney support ,high diabetes support, blood circulation  support and brain support. All these juices are here to change some people's lives.

1000s of women, teenages and men are facing these disease and have no choice to take medications .     I believe that Yahweh Medical Juices will be remembered as one of the most effective healthy companies here in the UK and in the rest of the world. Also as a company Yahweh Medical Juices will be changing many lives into a healthy healing process.

Our target is to become a big company that will supply for companies like: Tesco , Asda , Selfridges Food Hall , Waitrose , M&S , Holland and Barrett and Nhs Hospitals ect.

We believe that it is better to take care of ourselves from the inside to the outside than from the outside to the inside. Remember , once your organs are 100% healthy and protected you will always look good...

Feel free to donate if you wish to see Yahweh Medical Juices as a company that can produce and supply  juices around the UK .

kind regards, 

Benedicter Boateng

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