Y4WC Forum in Sri Lanka

by Josephine Crouch in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd January 2019 we successfully raised £190 with 3 supporters in 42 days

Weʼre raising money to help empower young conservationists and protect wildlife around the world!

by Josephine Crouch in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Across the world human activity is causing more threats to wildlife than ever before. The good news is, there are solutions. Conservation works. But without dedicated, properly trained and supported individuals the world’s wildlife do not stand a chance. 

This is where Youth for Wildlife Conservation (Y4WC) is changing the game and saving the world’s endangered species. 

By forming a network of passionate young conservationists and providing them with the right resources, opportunities and support we are empowering the next generation of wildlife conservation leaders, allowing them to fulfill their conservation goals. Our network already spans 152 countries, we are diverse in our experiences, perspectives and skills and we are all committed to wildlife conservation. By thinking globally and acting locally, together we are working towards effective policy and management of wildlife that translates to practical, grassroot conservation efforts on the ground. 

Meet some of the network:


Abidas is a bird biologist from Belize. She is currently working on a pilot project that will develop a bird monitoring system for assessment of ecosystem health in protected areas.


And Knowledge, a wildlife conservationist from Zimbabwe who works on anti-poaching efforts. He aims to form a network of science-based organizations that work on reducing illegal wildlife trade and promoting equitable sharing of natural resources. 

Why we are raising money?

Every 3 years the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), is held in a different city, in 2019 it is taking place for the 18th time in Sri Lanka. 

This year for the first time Y4WC is leading a youth forum at CITES to fully engage and empower a new generation of wildlife conservation leaders in high level discussion around wildlife trade and trafficking. Our forum is centred on finding solutions to wildlife conservation issues and developing the skills and networks of future conservation leaders. Our aim is to raise £20,000 through this campaign in order to help fund part of our forum and accommodate 20 young people like Abidas and Knowledge, so they can attend the conference in the summer of 2019. 

But it does not stop there, we are aiming to engage and inspire 10’000+ passionate, skilled and innovative early-career conservationists around the world through our network so they may also benefit from the forum online and have their say in the future of wildlife conservation. It is true that to many young people who could provide real world solutions to these issues are giving up on their wildlife conservation goals simply because they do not have the proper support, resources and opportunities. Y4WC is determined to make sure that does not happen and are ready to make a significant, positive impact in the world of wildlife conservation. The time is now! 

With your donation, we can make this event and future Y4WC actions a success. You are directly contributing to youth empowerment, engagement, leadership and wildlife conservation! 

Thank you for helping us protect wildlife,

Stay wild!

[The following is a breakdown of our project costs]: 

Total project design, communication, planning and management: $84,300.00

Youth empowerment advocacy: $3,460.00

Flights: $26,400.00

Visas: $990.00

Accomodation: $15,615.00

Contractor Fees: $11,900.00

Insurance: $2,800.00

In-Country Transport: $2,200.00

Food: $6,325.00

Forum venue costs: $1,962.00

Workshop material printing and copying: $2,565.00

Stationary Supplies: $630.00

Postage costs: $200.00

Telecommunications: $150.00

Conference registration costs: $3,700.00

CITES Secretariat Side Event: $1,660.00

Emergency Medical equipment: $70.00

Total Expenses: $164,927.00


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20,000 or more


£20,000+ -Recognition as an ​‘Elephant Sponsor’​ at opening ceremony and throughout Forum -Small speaking opportunity​ at opening ceremony (in-person or video) -Organization and brand ​visibility​ at the Forum -Organization featured on ​Y4WC website -Support acknowledged on ​Y4WC social media platforms A detailed elephant reward description is available here: https://www.youthforwildlife.org/sponsorship-levels

£500 or more


£500-£999 -A Hummingbird Sponsor certificate -Support acknowledged on Y4WC social media platforms -Use of Y4WC logo and imagery in your marketing and promotional materials

£1,000 or more

Sun Bear

£1000-£4999 -Recognition as a ​‘Sun Bear Sponsor’​ at opening ceremony and throughout Forum -Organization featured on ​Y4WC website -Support acknowledged on ​Y4WC social media platforms -Spotlight​ in Y4WC newsletter, sent monthly to our network and key stakeholders -Use of​ Y4WC logo and imagery in your marketing and promotional materials -Recognition in our Annual Report -A ‘Sun Bear Sponsor’ certificate

£5,000 or more

Manta Ray

£5000-£19,999 -Recognition as a ​‘Manta Ray Sponsor’​ at opening ceremony and throughout Forum -Organization and brand ​visibility​ at the Forum -Organization featured on ​Y4WC website -Support acknowledged on ​Y4WC social media platforms -Spotlight​ in Y4WC newsletter -Use of​ Y4WC logo and imagery A detailed manta ray reward description is available here: https://www.youthforwildlife.org/sponsorship-levels

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