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25 yrs putting +50,000 people on courses and with this virus, i have realised that everyone needs xtrajob opportunities not just tradesmen

by Jason Mcleans XtraJob in Rochdale, England, United Kingdom

For over 25 yrs I've put over 50,000 people on training courses, that will make them more employable and get the back in to work or move up the ladder.

During 2020 as we are all affected in some way by the corona virus, many financially with reduced hours, job losses or unsure of what the future holds I see worry and fear settling in, but i want people to have hope and a way they can earn Xtramoney maybe even start that business they have dreamt of over the years and so now i want to give them the platform.

Most of us have been to college or university and received a qualification in a particular subject or trade.

It may be that they received training whilst in a job role to gain a certificate or simply had enough experience to be able to master a particular skill.

Employed or unemployed, a Hairdressers, Joiner, Plumber, Electrician, Fitness Instructor, Beautician, Gardener or Van Driver, or just someone willing to do the jobs others cant.     They have a skill that they can make money from.

Almost anyone can put themselves up for xtra-work in the evenings at the weekends or even full time and earn extra money.

You don't need to be a trade person or in business to earn Xtra-money, this gives us all the opportunity to help others whilst helping ourselves

I want Xtrajob to be a site where people can find local skilled individuals to help them with jobs they need doing, quickly and cost effectively 

from cleaning leaves out of the gutters, helping  move house or fitting a carpet 

Our platform will bring those people together, with safety, quality and respect and make life a little easier for us all during these hard times 

I want employers to find the right person with the right skills and even offer those skilled people with free and competitive training to educate them to the next level in there skill and knowledge making them more employable so the site doesn't just give them temp work but a future

Their are several sites that promote trades people who have a business large or small but not who promote skilled people with time served experience and the want to work and they charge anything from £35 to £1000 per month 

Like the saying "Agh! just get me a drink"
that's about the same price as what we aim to charge asking for just £5 a month (the cost of a drink) to host their skills and put them in front of customers who need them, helping them both make and save money.


Let's make 'XtraJob' happen

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