Xmas Residential Treat for Domestic Abuse Survivor

Xmas Residential Treat for Domestic Abuse Survivor

Survivors of domestic abuse and their families who are displaced or living in a refuge, temporary accommodation or in hiding.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Sistah Space (Against domestic Abuse) is the only initiative of it's kind, dedicated to supporting African heritage women and girls affected by domestic or sexual abuse.  A lot of our service users are alone without family or friends for support. 

We are planning two events, one is a fancy dress Xmas party for the children of our survivors and the 2nd is a residential Xmas retreat for our service users. We are not funded and so we rely on the community for assistance.

We want to gift survivors and their families a few days respite in a location out of London where they will receive the gifts donated by The Toy Project (picture 1 an independent and spectacular organisation that have practically given us Xmas by donating presents and a tree), LUSH, The Kindness Offensive (picture 2 who delivered  boxes of Lush products for our survivors)and members of the community. Volunteers for Sistah Space will donate their time to ensuring that they have a safe and happy Xmas and New Year.  

The venue houses up to 24 people and we can enjoy it at the rate of £150 a night for 3 nights totalling £450. The mini buses will be an additional £400 and with food and volunteer expenses, we are looking at an additional £300, our children's party will be £200.

The total we therefore need to raise is 1350.

Any amount will be so very appreciated, thank you.