Xbox one controller to play fifa with the boys

by Toby Sherwin in London, England, United Kingdom

Xbox one controller to play fifa with the boys
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No more disappointing the boys. Having one controller is tearing this flat apart.

by Toby Sherwin in London, England, United Kingdom

You know how it is.

The boys come round hungry for virtual football, you have to turn around and tell them: sorry chaps, I only have one controller. You see their eyes widen, and then narrow in disgust. One by one they turn around and walk out the door, cursing the day they ever set foot in this godforsaken hovel. 

Me and my fellow flat-dwellers have been ostracised from the community - this cannot go on. We would buy one ourselves but they're so god darn expensive and we're forced to choose between satisfying the boys and keeping food on the table. 

Think of the boys. Our future, and theirs, is in your capable hands.


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A game of Fifa with a boy of your choosing

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