Wyville Village Hall

by Kris Mantle in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

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To update the Village Hall to improve accessibility, facilities and increase future usage

by Kris Mantle in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

We are seeking funding to refurbish Wyville Village Hall, our initial goal is £5,000 to get us started with a stretch goal of £40,000 which will allow us to fully refurbish the hall. 

 £10,000 will allow us to install a Wet Room
£3,000 will allow us to add a fold-down changing bed
£14,500 will allow us to install a new boiler system
£2,200 will allow us to update the electrics
£13,000 will allow us to create a new and improved Kitchen
£4,600 will allow us to install partition doors

The  Village Hall is located in the rural hamlet of Wyville-cum-Hungerton. The Village Hall acts as a meeting place for some community groups, a local scout group and is occasionally used for parties and celebration.  Unfortunately, over the years the number of people using the hall has dwindled leading to a lack of investment in this facility.  More recently Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship (GANF) has taken up residence (during term-time) at the Village Hall giving the place a small uplift. This move is in conjunction with GANF building a forest school next to the Village Hall thanks to the generosity of the late Lady Le Marchant.



With limited investment and the passing of time the Village Hall has become dated, the toileting facilities are no longer fit for purpose and the heating system is expensive and provides inadequate warmth.  Accessibility at the hall is another problem for our patrons with many of them being elderly or disabled.  

All of these issues mean fewer and fewer people wish to use the Village Hall. Fewer people leads to reduced income and the project become unsustainable.



Once we have funding, this money will be used to:

  • Install a wet room in what is currently the kitchen;
  • Install a new kitchen in what is currently the bar area;
  • Install a new oil fired boiler system;
  • Update the building's electrics.


The Village Hall refurbishment will make this facility:

  • Accessible to all it serves;
  • Maintain a fully inclusive toileting facility;
  • Possess a new and improved kitchen;
  • Have an efficient heating system which will allow use through winter;
  • Be energy and cost-effective.


The completion of this project will provide the community with a modern and welcoming facility which we hope will encourage more people to make use of the hall. With accessibility improved and a wet room installed, the Village Hall will now cater to all the needs of the community.

New users of the Village Hall means increased revenue which will be reinvested to ensure we can run sustainably in the future.  


'The redevelopment of Wyville village hall will mean that pupils at Ambergate will be able to access a lot of additional time up at the forest school. At the moment due to the fact that the toileting facilities are not fit for purpose students can only be up at Wyville for short periods of time. This means that the fantastic resource that we have available up their cannot be used to its full potential. The forest school at Wville is a vital resource for pupils at Ambergate and allows pupils to learn practical skills that can support them in later life. The more we are able to use this facility the more opportunities we can provide for our students'.

James Ellis, Headteacher at Ambergate Sports College (GANF)

'Wyville Village Hall has served the communities of Hungerton and Wyville for many years and was once the social hub of the village.

However, people's lives have changed and we have seen the usage drop over the years. We were delighted when GANF indicated that they'd like to incorporate the hall in to their Forest School plans. This has proved very successful for them and now we regularly see their minibus parked outside, summer and winter, and enjoy the sight of the children moving around the adjacent wood which, as an estate, we lend to them.

The village hall allows for a warm and dry classroom when the English weather is doing its best to drive everyone inside. It also gives access to hot water, changing facilities and toilets. However, the building has stood for many years, and, whilst it can cope with the irregular demands of our local community, it really isn't up to those of the children from GANF.

The structure itself is stable but the kitchen is not up to today's legal standards for preparing food. The toilets were not designed for people with disabilities, and as carers the hall is quite difficult to use. The strip lighting is harsh and the wall mounted electric heaters are expensive to run and inefficient.

If we are able to raise the funds to renovate the hall more children will be able to make use of it. Also with the installation of improved facilities, we hope the take up from the local community will improve. Whenever I arrive at the Forest School there is such a sense of happiness and engagement, that to allow greater access would be a wonderful thing.'

Isabel Burford, Wyville Village Hall Committee Chair


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Wooden Plaque

A wooden plaque created from the Forest School to be engraved by our pupils. The plaques will then be displayed within the Village Hall

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