Help take Wythenshawe Amateurs to the Next Level!

by Wythenshawe Amateurs Football Club in Manchester, England, United Kingdom


£53,000 target 33 days left
82% 30 investors
This project will only be funded if at least £53,000 is pledged by 8th January 2021 at 12:09pm

Help us complete our community facilities, and fix the drainage on our junior pitches - and get to own the football club!

by Wythenshawe Amateurs Football Club in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

  • Invest in Wythenshawe AFC

  • Invest in making Hollyhedge Park the best facility in the area

  • Invest in South Manchester's future

Since being founded nearly 75 years ago Wythenshawe AFC have been providing opportunities for thousands of local people to play football. The club achieved a major milestone by opening our own facilities in September 2017 but we're not standing still! 

We now want to invest funds to further improve the facilities and pitches to make Hollyhedge Park one of the best facilities for community football in Manchester. 


What's the money for?

Firstly, we want to get better facilities at Hollyhedge Park. The clubhouse facility is working well but after operating for just over 3 years there are some further improvements which we’ve only been able to identify since we’ve been opened:

  • Upgrading the car park with additional drainage and improving the tarmac surface
  • Better outdoor lighting to improve safety around the building
  • Tidying up the entrance areas 
  • Creating a continuous surface for emergency vehicles and pedestrians to access pitch side. 
  • Additional Storage Creation and Catering Facilities
  • Providing a children’s play area


Secondly, we want to invest in better pitches. Our 38 teams currently play from different locations across Wythenshawe. Our ambition is for all our teams to play from one site that we can call home and if the investment was secured into Hollyhedge Park then this vision would be a step closer to becoming a reality.

  • Football has been played at Hollyhedge Park for decades. However, in recent years, the pitches have not received the required annual investment and they are falling into disrepair. As the quality of the pitches deteriorated more games are postponed with the result that less affiliated football could be played at the site. 
  • Our grant funding has paid for the initial groundwork but more funds are now needed to significantly improve the drainage work. 
  • This will increase the ability of the pitches to cope with the amount of rain that Manchester receives during the autumn and winter months and will result in 6 better quality pitches: two 11 a-side pitches, one 9 v 9 pitch and three 7 v 7 pitches, which will be utilised by Wythenshawe AFC junior and adult teams.



We've been awarded a matched investment from the Community Shares Booster Fund, which will match whatever is invested in this share offer up to a maximum of £100,000, so every £1 this share offer raises from you will be turned into £2 for the club!  


A Community Owned Club

We began in 1946 and is firmly established in amateur football, fielding six senior male teams, two senior women’s teams. The senior men's team plays in North West Counties League, Division One South, whilst the senior women's team is in the North West Women's Regional League. 

The Club has a fantastic community footballing infrastructure, enabling local talented players to progress through to professional clubs via relationships with clubs in the Football League. We have 30 junior teams at every level from under 19s’ to the under 5s 'mini football' for boys and girls, not to mention mixed gender walking football teams.

We are owned by our community - supporters of Wythenshawe AFC and members of the local community who share our values and ambition and who are interested in the success of the Club, who elect the Board of Directors on an equal basis. 

Our club is still largely run by our volunteers and we are always looking for new people to come forward and assist!

What investors get

  • 2% interest per year from 2021 onwards
  • Chance to get their money back from 2025 onwards
  • A vote for the Board and a chance to make decisions at our members meetings
  • 30% of your investment written off your tax bill thanks to Social Investment Tax Relief

In order to be a shareholder, investors also have to be members - if you're already a member, the minimum investment in £100, but if you're not already a member, then the minimum investment is £125 to include a payment of £25 to purchase your membership of the club. Non-members investing more than this will have the first £25 of their investment used to purchase membership of the club.

All the ins and outs of the investment are set out in the share offer document, which investors are encouraged to read alongside the club's business plan which sets out the projected financial performance in future years. Investors will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of membership of the society, which is governed by the society's rules.

1604420786_community-shares-standard-mark-170px-retina.pngThis share offer has received the Community Shares Standard Mark which verifies that the share offer meets best practice standards for investment from the public.

Levels of Investment

£100 or more

Minimum Investment

£2 interest per year, £30 off your tax bill and ownership of the football club!

£125 or more

Minimum investment (non-members)

£2 interest per year, £30 off your tax bill and ownership of the football club, (with £25 be used to purchase membership of the club as required by our rules)

£250 or more

£250 investment

£5 interest per year, £75 off your tax bill and ownership of the football club!

£500 or more

£500 Investment

£10 interest per year, £150 off your tax bill and ownership of the football club!

£1,000 or more

£1000 Investment

£20 interest per year, £300 off your tax bill and ownership of the football club!

Let's make 'Help take Wythenshawe Amateurs to the Next Level!' happen

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