Wyatt and Jack's Inflatable Amnesty

by wyattandjack in Bembridge, England, United Kingdom

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over 100 tonnes swerved so far! We desperately need a larger premises to house and accommodate the rapid influx of broken inflatable

by wyattandjack in Bembridge, England, United Kingdom

The truth of this is largely timing and scale. Its the end of the season, so LOTS of people are thinking about discarding their broken beach items, in addition, we have received MORE and MORE email each day from all around the world, with people wanted to organise collections, deliveries and donations... We are a family business and whilst we can/have and enjoy large volumes of orders, the pace of this has been such that we need to employ people straight away in order to deal with what is now, a completely separate entity...

Below is the original blog post, so you can better see where the idea came from and how we have managed the initiative so far...

"I've *nearly* come to terms now, with the fact that I've become known locally as 'bag lady'- obviously my family think thats hilarious!

People leave their old windbreaks, trampolines, rubber dinghies and all sorts of other beach paraphernalia, outside our workshop all the time!

After this years disastrous attempt at having our own paddling pool in the garden [our cat pierced the sides of it, within 2 weeks!!] it reminded me of an idea i had a couple of years ago, but haven't had a chance to put into practice...

The Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty, is based on the same idea, that lots of beach goers, would be ending up throwing quite a few broken inflatables and water toys, into bins either before the end of their holidays, or on their way home...

So... THIS YEAR, If you have an inflatable that has a puncture that you can't repair, or is intended for the bin- send it our way and we will turn it into bags" 

This excerpt is taken from the blog post that sparked this project! The response has been AMAZING and snowballed beyond anything we could've hoped for!

As a result, we now have collection points for Inflatables that would otherwise have ended up in landfill- across the COUNTRY and some parts of Europe.

In order for us to collect and/or make sure they are all delivered to us and a continuous cycle of products are being made and plastic saved from landfill,, we are looking for this funding, so we can then facilitate the enormous scale of it and hopefully turn it into a global initiative, quickly!

** UPDATE // we now have our funding status as *always on* which means we can still accept donations to help us move premises and accommodate the rapid influx of inflatables we are receiving on a daily basis....**

Let's make 'Wyatt and Jack's Inflatable Amnesty' happen

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