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My project is Holistic Therapies, helping people to Heal from Anxiety depression and pain through Various Holistic Therapies.

by Emma Cooper Reiki Master/Teacher in Arnold, England, United Kingdom

I started my own Healing journey from past Trauma 3 years ago through Reiki, it changed my life so much for the better that I decided I wanted to do the same for others so completed all levels of Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher and started practicing and teaching Reiki to others.

I now want to grow my business by studying more therapies such as Reflexology, Massage, acupuncture and Life Coaching so I can help more people through difficult times. The more Therapies I can offer the more clients Ill gain the more people I can help.

After watching the news about suicide rates in students in College and University I looked into what support through mental health they get - and there are some courses that help through mindfulness but what if the students had access to self healing techniques to enable them to heal themselves with Reiki?

I would also offer life coaching to encourage and counsel students on a range of professional and personal issues. Giving advice, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. Help them with personal goals and transitions into university and work life.

I am so passionate about helping anyone I can, the more I can offer And build a successful business financially the more I’ll be able to give back through volunteering in hospitals through charities I want to be able to offer my services to everyone not just people that can afford it! We all deserve a chance to help through pain!

Reiki is great but to build on my business I need to be able to offer a variety of therapies.
Crowd funding would enable me to pay for the courses Reflexology, life coaching massage acupuncture, I could build a better website and be able to advertise my services on a wider scale.

Below are some reviews from some of my clients and students..

Lindsey- What a wonderful experience I had on my reiki level 1 course with Emma!! She is a wonderful lady she makes you feel so welcome in her home and also cooks a lovely vegan curry ???? I would recommend anyone struggling with stress and anxiety to give reiki level one a try... its LIFE CHANGING!! I can not wait to spend a weekend with Emma again for reiki level 2 in July!! Super Excited!! Thank you Emma you are one a million darling ????

Kayleigh- Thank you so much for my Reiki session that you did today! I still can’t believe I won! I really needed this and didn’t no I needed it! It is sooo helpful and you are such a lovely lady was so nice to open up to you and for you to understand! Don’t worry I have taken everything onboard! And I WILL do this! Thank you so much again! Highly recommend you Emma!! I will be telling everyone how amazing this reiki is!!! Xx

Michaela - I have just had my first Reiki healing with Emma. Emma made me feel at ease instantly, very warm and welcoming. I have to say even after my first session I feel so relaxed and at peace. I really do feel like I have been cleansed of all the negative energy I have held on to for so long. It was so interesting what Emma picked up from me, 100% accurate and fantastic advice to support this. I would highly recommend. I look forward to my next healing. Emma I cannot thank you enough.

Natalie - I have been having regular Reiki sessions with Emma for over a year now. And although you do see an immediate benefit after one session I find the regular sessions really helpful, I suffer with anxiety and low self esteem and Reiki has really been helpful on my healing journey. Emma is a lovely lady and makes you feel so relaxed. I would highly recommend these sessions to everyone!

please feel free to contact me or go to my Facebook page to see more about what I do! Thank you for taking time to read my story my vision my passion. I would really appreciate your help in growing my business to help me help others.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

A Reiki Level One Course

Learn about Reiki and how to self heal when feeling stressed or in pain? Heal from past Trauma pain ailments

£20 or more

A Reiki Session

A 1 hour long Reiki treatment

£20 or more

Reflexology treatment

A one hour Reflexology treatment, once qualified

£20 or more

Indian Head Massage

Receive and Indian Head Massage for 1 hour

£100 or more

Friends & Family taster sessions for reiki

Healing Meditation Evening / day for friends or Family

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