Choice Recovery - Pathway to Change

by Mark Simpson in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

Choice Recovery - Pathway to Change


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Our main objective is to help vulnerable adults whose lives have either become unmanageable due to COVID-19 creating poor mental health.

by Mark Simpson in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

Our main objective is to help vulnerable adults whose lives have either become unmanageable due to COVID-19 creating poor levels of mental health or have been affected by alcohol or drug addiction, a range of mental health conditions or any other issues that may have arisen for that individual. However, our expertise will always remain with the mental health issues that are created by the client experiencing COVID-19 and the aftermath conditions such as addiction or various trauma's of multiple types created by the pandemic. Once these individuals stop using their substance or can safely manage their mental health issues when around others, we will Triage and Risk Assess each client with the intention of registering them into our structured support group network. Over time we aim to support each individual’s recovery to a point of stability and to help them to move forward with their lives, providing a holistic approach and working alongside many of Stafford’s neighbouring services.

Our registered charity aims to aid the most vulnerable adults in their greatest time of need, as the often terrifying consequences of this pandemic results in a well publicised doubling of cases of alcoholism, drug use, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, homelessness, loneliness, grief, unemployment and this does not cover it all. We will use educational Structured Support groups to help clients to gain a stable recovery and then most importantly, to maintain it. Our clients will have fought through COVID-19, be in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, have suffered with poor mental health or are vulnerable in some way i.e. Homeless or previously abused or suffering with a debilitating condition (for example, sex or gambling addiction) which is effecting their life in a harmful way. We will assess anyone who is in need of support, and will consider them for our service by conducting a full assessment; we will not accept those individuals who are not suitable for group sessions such as aggressive clients or those who display a disruptive nature. We are here to serve our community as a whole, with a principle of what may seem trivial to us, could be destructive to the client.

We are working alongside a number of mental health organisation including many doctors surgeries already and have a planned date in which to conduct addiction training to a team of NHS Social Prescribing Community Link Advisor's who are already struggling critically with the inward amount of clients who need support due to COVID-19. We will work closely with other services or organisations or any other professionals that may need aid from our charity in order for us all to perform the best possible standard of care. We will provide up to 4 - 6 Structured Support Groups per week to offer a healthy balance of Group Therapy and structured education. Choice Recovery currently have a total of 48 structured 2 hour educational group learning sessions; these include an 8 week Anxiety Management course, a 6 week Anger Management course, a 12 week Assertiveness and a 20 week Mental Health Management course that is split into 2 sections. We're prepared.

Because we are a charity that has been registered for two years and in that time we have remained relatively small, running one or sometimes two support groups per week. Now that we have all experienced the devastating effects of COVID-19, not just the loss of lives but the devastation it leaves in its wake, we as a charity have decided to stand up to COVID and support our community by expanding our service. We have a new building in the centre of town, we have the support of both the County and the Borough Councils, we already have a network of referral pathways in place and in the past 3 weeks our client base has grown from 14 to almost 50.

We want to do this, we all believe in doing this for the people of Stafford who are lost, hurt or just in need of support. I know that Choice Recovery can be the charity that is there for them, but in order to do this we need some financial assistance just to get us going, after that we will expand naturally.  

Thank you for reading this far and I can only ask for your support to enable our dedicated volunteers to guide and support the most vulnerable members of our wonderful community from being troubled to devastated by COVID-19 to being strong, empowered and most importantly by their own choice, in recovery from their individual experiences. Warm regards, Mark Simpson CEO Choice Recovery.  


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