No Ping No Bling Birmingham's 50 Hidden Food Heroes

No Ping No Bling - a food guide in the form of a pack of cards revealing Birmingham's 50 hidden food heroes. Not just little private restaurants but also street food, pop up restaurants, urban harvesters, charities, growers, dessert makers, supper clubs, teachers, markets etc….. Includes Polish, Turkish, Lebanese, Thai, Ethiopian, Caribbean, Keralan to name but a few…… Please help these unsung heroes get the limelight they deserve! Also I am starting some eating groups so that we can start experiencing them all together and spreading the good food news!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

No Ping No Bling is a food guide in the form of a pack of cards featuring Birmingham's hidden food heroes. Not just private little eating places but also streetfood, pop up restaurants, charities, dessert makers, urban harvesters, educators, farmers markets, supper clubs, growers, specialists, homeless projects, vegan caterers to name but a few.

It highlights hidden gems serving Polish food, Lebanese, Ethiopian, Keralan, Turkish ...home made lavash, where to eat oysters cheaply, where to buy a live lobster, who the great bloggers are - the list is endless!

This project arose from my hobby of finding places to eat with No Ping (not reheated in the microwave) and No Bling (no chain restaurants, no fancy pants backers). This is what my kids called my hobby so hence the silly name!

As I started to find more and more hidden places that were really rooted in the communities I discovered just what food heroes they were out there and I started to hook into a newtwork of other places and the excitement built!

I thought that if I didn't know about all these fabulous places and all the amazing people so passionate about food and the difference it can make to peoples lives in all manner of fashions - then probably most people round here don't know either.

So I have set about spreading the word - which I hope will greatly benefit Birmingham's trade not just from the locals but from the 13 million visitors  each year. I hope it gives a great snapshot of all the exciting things happening here and now. The guide will take the form of a pack of cards so that you can take one out and easily carry when you are out and about.

I also thought it would be fun to shuffle them and pick one out and go at random!

I am asking for funding for the printing and the setting up of some dining club groups.I hope this will be the start of many new friendships and much networking - that these groups will continue and that these starting events will lead to more.

No one has paid to go into the guide and I have funded all the tastings myself. I will only repay myself and make any money if I sell the guides. If it is overfunded I will print more and spread the word more widely.

The intention is for the guide to be available in high street stores, on-line, at food events and ideally I want to sell them to the airlines so that people can plan before they arrive in Birmingham.

I have lots of selling experience to major retail groups and so for me this is well trodden ground. My background food interest is that I am a really keen Thai cook and if you follow me on twitter you will see some of my work. I will also be setting up some Thai supper clubs after this project is well and truly on its feet!

Please watch my video - my film producer friend Mick Foley donated this for free as he was so impressed by some of the great charity work out there - cheers Mick

Thanks for helping me and Birmingham!