The Individuals Network

by Wandering Taoist in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

The Individuals Network
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of the individuals network is to gather together as many free thinking individual human beings as possible.

by Wandering Taoist in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

My name is Daniel and I would class myself as a mystic. I am very much into Taoism, Zen, Buddhism and Christian mysticism. At present, I am working on my project by myself. I want my website to be THE social networking site for free thinking individual human beings, based around mysticism, connectivity and creativity. From the money I raise I will advertise my website in the Mind Body and Spirit publication which has a readership of 250,000 people. If I could get just 1 in 25 of those people to join my website, I would have 10,000 members.

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